Here’s the bummer: right-wing blogs are read by only a fraction of the electorate, and so the good information put out there by the professor is almost without voice in the grand scheme of things. The truth he utters deserves greater audience.

The tragedy is that right-wing bloggers, while being something like the Paul Reveres of our time, aren’t riding through the countryside to call everyone to arms. No, they’re holed up in their room, typing to their small audience, to little or no consequence.

There are ways to broaden the effectiveness of the information they seek to disseminate, but they won’t change their tactics. They’ll type, pray for greater hits on their web site, and change almost nothing.

And so the low information voter remains exactly that – the low information voter.

beatcanvas on May 1, 2013 at 6:03 PM

There’s an answer to that, in part.  It’s an active readership sharing via Twitter and Facebook, and other social media.

We hit two milestones last week, 10,000 followers on Twitter:

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And 4,000 on Facebook:

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But those numbers are still small comparatively, so follow and like us, and if you are still so resistant, email our posts to friends using the email function at the bottom of each post.