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White Writer’s Privilege

White Writer’s Privilege

A follow up to last night’s post, ghoulishly race baits #BostonMarathon bombing with “white privilege” rant.

James Taranto observes,

The Privilege of Not Belonging

A theory of white racism against whites.

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Thus today’s insight:

To be white in America is to have the privilege of being able to define one’s political identity in terms of one’s own superiority, whether real or imagined, over other members of one’s own race.


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This ‘white privilege’ petard is a dog whistle for ‘hate whitey and get revenge.’ It’s often dressed up as academic sophistication on campus utilizing ten dollar words, and youngsters pay for the abuse by the credit hour.

Any professor teaching this agitprop should be horse whipped in the commons.

However, when a white writer drawing a paycheck from an uber-leftist publication uses the term, what he’s truly saying is, “I’m self-loathing, guilt ridden, and more than a little masochistic. Please treat me as your racialist doormat so I can feel better about myself and gain cool points with my lib friends.

Putzes all.

And he fails to observe the point of the black student’s comment about the difference in the way he was treated at the all-black college and the ‘diverse’ college: at the all-black college there were no excuses for not coming to class, not doing the work, not doing your best; at the ‘diverse’ college, lots of excuses for not performing up to standard. Gee, do you think that might affect black students’ competence at what they studied? Their subsequent competence when they get a job? Exactly and that’s what the black student was getting at and that is what was totally ignored.

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Liberals looking to commit suicide: have at it.

Does anyone need further proof of Darwinism than these idiots?

As a “white guy” it has been my “privilege” to succeed in what’s left of the American “meritocracy”, despite m “whiteness” and/or affirmative action. Did I add that neither I, or my family has EVER been on public assistance. It’s been my “privilege” to support my family without ANY assistance of the Government, or you, my fellow Americans!

Daniel Greenfield-

Progressives prefer a world “where terrorism really isn’t that serious, but a terrorist hunger strike is. It’s a world where terrorists are goofy men with bombs in their underwear or their shoes, where global warming is the biggest threat to the human race and we all need to think more about our white privilege.”

“The media narrative is built on preserving that world. It is an innately reactionary narrative in which there is room for smiling women talking about how much fun abortion is, but no room for the bloody operating tables of a Dr. Gosnell. It is a place in which our biggest priorities have to be tackling all sorts of inequities, not dealing with the finer points of Islamic theology.”

“September 11 dealt a blow to that world, but the wound has scabbed over and the old comfortable liberal verities have come back. Now the media has its fingers crossed hoping that another “white dude” will be led out and that he will have a motive dealing with abortion or race that fits comfortably into their worldview of good lefties and evil righties.

What they fear is another Islamic terrorist, another promising twenty-something from Pakistan or the Middle East, with a middle class background and a graduate degree, reciting Koranic verses.

They don’t understand him, but they fear him. Not for his ability to kill them, but his ability to destroy the world that they have built up. A world where left is right and right is wrong and diversity solves everything and the only thing we have to fear is being frightened of people who are different than us.

They fear that the long utopian dream that they fell into after the memories of September 11 faded has come to an end with another blast and another shout of Allah Akbar. “

Off topic perhaps, but…

Pres. Freakout LIED throughout his hissy-fit following the Senate gun-grab vote.

Up, down, sideways, and over the top.

I read the first line on the page back where the post started…something about being able to discern your own political identity or somesuch. Then I got so cranky at the idea that we’re now being blamed because we have diversity in political thought, while most other races don’t (for the most part) that I could not continue. Oh, yeah — saw today that Salon has an article hoping the offenders would be white males. Probably the conclusion of THIS Salon rant, which started out so promising. Those people are….and I’m getting tired of tossing this word around; I don’t want it to become overused — but those people are evil.

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