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“When Common Core comes to campus” Week at College Insurrection

“When Common Core comes to campus” Week at College Insurrection

New Common Core course requirements:

Eternal Vigilance against dissent!



U Wisconsin – Madison!



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One might make an assumption that higher education is just as screwed up as big government.

I believe the term is, “Double Whammy!”

Middle school girls forced to act out lesbian kiss scene

1. Instapundit is wont to say, Tar. Feathers. Iirc he occasionally adds, Run them out of town on a rail.

Per Bill, yes, absolutely, fire the people responsible.

2. As our host is wont to say, Can I call ’em or what? An LI mantra by yours truly, commencing April 2012:

I would not be shocked if sooner or later the public schools pressure students to engage in bisexual experimentation.

“Why won’t you go out with me? Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Answering yes violates the asker’s constitutional right not to have her feelings hurt.

August 2012:

Heaven help the teen girl who answers Yes.

3. On Left and Right, zealots who want to impose views unaccepted by, or unacceptable to, a significant majority have excessive influence, overt and covert, in US politics. I don’t see how this ends well.

4. Cold comfort is better than no comfort. Just because I see no hope does not mean there is no hope.

Ah, the Common Core. It actually applies to colleges and universities and not just K-12 under the terms of most states Race to the Top applications. Those included an agreement binding the university systems to accept Common Core graduates as not in need of remediation. Which of course is not what you need to tie up in advance if solid academics were the purpose of Common Core.

As I have written Common Core is actually just an excuse for whole sale change that goes far beyond education.

When you define culture as the prevailing values, attitudes, and beliefs and you want fundamental transformation, guess what gets targeted? Guess which institutions virtually everyone must pass through for an extended period of time? During the most malleable portion of their lives?

The term used was P-16. It is now P-20. Preschool through graduate degrees as one seamless indoctrination zone. No accountability in reality for the product since accreditation is one of the primary drivers of the social poison.

“Fossil Fuel Divestment Push Heats Up Dartmouth”.

Hmm. I wonder how many vehicle owners are amongst “the best and the brightest” who are in favor of “fossil fuel divestment” at Dartmouth? How many of them have family members who drive gas powered vehicles? How many of them have motorbikes?

It’s such a shame that American universities are producing such unthinking, blithering idiots who believe that protest replaces rational thought. Do these people think that divesting from fossil fuels will bring about a viable electric car or some alternate fuel powered car?