There is a fairly lively Twitter/blogosphere argument going on right now over “the New Atheist” movement.

I had not heard that term before, but apparently there are liberal Atheists who don’t like other liberal Atheists who argue that the Islam and/or Islamists are the greatest threat to Western liberties.

The argument is raging between Sam Harris (New Atheist) and Glenn Greenwald (old (?) Atheist), with Robert Spencer weighing in on how the accusation of “Islamaphobia” is used to stifle debate.

Leave it to our favorite progressive blogger to weigh in with the moral equivalency argument (I must be blocked or something because can’t embed her tweets, so here’s an image):

Twitter - @allisonKilkenny - Utopia
Twitter - @allisonKilkenny - Dudes

I think it’s fair to say no minds were changed. I’m just glad the debate is going on, as it needs to.

I’ll have more on that when I post again about the “Pinkwashing” movement.


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