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Other times ….

Someone please tell me this is a joke (h/t reader):

Natural Born Citizen C-section

Unfortunately this is not a joke:

On Monday, the D.C. exchange’s executive board voted to prevent insurers from charging higher premiums to smokers than to nonsmokers — meaning nonsmokers are likely to pay modestly higher rates than if smoking surcharges were permitted. The District joins three states — Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont — that have banned tobacco surcharges on their own exchanges. …

Nice try, better even worse luck next time ….

This …

Kimberly Rothschild (KimbRothschild) on Twitter Hack 2

is already back to where it belongs ….

Kimberly Rothschild (KimbRothschild) on Twitter Unhacked

Only in America

NYT Alec Baldwin late night

complete jerk warning (language too)