Suspect #1 in black cap dead. Died in same hospital still caring for bombing victims.

Suspects believed to be from abroad, foreign trained. “We believe this man to be a terrorist, someone who came here to kill people.”

Tied to shooting of MIT campus policemen overnight. Two policemen shot, one dead.

Watertown, MA on lockdown as explosives set off. All mass transit suspended in Boston. Also all taxi service.

NY Times has summary of what happened overnight.

Suspect #1 on loose, initially was reported based on police scanner chatter as Sunil Tripathi the Brown University student who disappeared several weeks ago — but AP reporting two suspects were from area of Russia near Chechnya:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston Marathon Bomber

Background on Chechen terrorist groups. 2011 U.S. designates Chechen group in North Caucasus as terrorist entity. Video about Beslan School massacre 2004.

Eyewitness account of shootout:

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NOTE: This post is being updated and changed as reports and information develop.

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