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RIP – Richie Havens

RIP – Richie Havens

I previously have written how I saw Richie Havens live at My Father’s Place when I was in high school, at the time we ran several of his songs as Videos of the Day in late January 2012:

I saw Richie Havens at My Father’s Place (Facebook) in Roslyn, NY. Memorable.

It was memorable. I was seated maybe 10 feet from him at the small club.

So it is with sadness that I report:


He’s best known for his “Freedom/Motherless Child” performance at Woodstock:

But his rendition of Here Comes the Sun, which he played at My Father’s Place, always was my favorite.


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Small world. I many times was there at closing time at My Father’s Place in my salad days.

Richie Havens, Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley … the stones the MTV building refused. Run Shaker Life, The Klan … the fire of a gentle man.

My Father’s Place? Lord, I haven’t thought about that place in decades–and it’s been more than 40 years since I took a date there.

Thanks for stoking the memories of my youth, Professor!

Freddie Sykes | April 22, 2013 at 9:30 pm

I saw Richie Havens twice at CCNY before Woodstock. The first time was in a student lounge, the second time, they have to find a bigger room.

Henry Hawkins | April 22, 2013 at 10:46 pm

I play guitar, love Richie Havens, and spent years trying to cover his percussive strumming style. If there’s a rock ‘n roll Heaven, I’ll bet….

Saw Richie at Central Park in 1973. He was wonderful-did a great version of Bill Withers “Lean on Me”.

Only problem was the boors in the crowd who kept yelling for him to sing Freedom. He explained patiently that he had many other songs and put on a fine performance.

Very gentle and caring throughout his life.

Loved Richie. sounds like everyone here is about the same age. Damn he’s got a long thumb!