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Reports — Second Suspect “Down” (UPDATE – in custody)

Reports — Second Suspect “Down” (UPDATE – in custody)

UPDATE — Suspect in custody.

Ace has the photo of the take down.

Boston Bombing Suspect In Custody


Just breaking. Large volley of shots fired. Per CBS News quoting Mayor of Boston, suspect cornered in boat in photo (not clear if he’s alive or dead):

Boston Bombing Suspect Boat

Local Fox News live feed:


Local CBS TV live feed:


Twitter feed of Boston News stations and reporters:



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In a boat? Was he hoping for a flood to carry him to safety?

Two interesting thoughts:
1-Will Obama again say police ‘acted stupidly?’
2-I found myself checking this website as a source of news before even bothering with any MSM source.

Alive. Well done!

Columbia University just offered Tsarnaev a teaching position.

This little coward just blew his chance for 72-virgins tonight.

Obama fails to stop Islamic terrorism from reaching US shores.

Obama covers the part here nobody will ever find out the reasons for this terroristic bombing by wrapping it in a cloak of a permanent investigation.

9thDistrictNeighbor | April 19, 2013 at 10:22 pm

Thanks for the Twitter feed, Professor.

All Law enforcement should proceed from a ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ theory. And an intelligent nation should walk OVER the White House to support them.

Harvard has offered Tsarnaev tenure, MSNBC an anchor position, CNN a ‘special correspondent’ position, the NY Times a regular column, Harvey Weinstein an 3 picture deal, Obama a special Ambassador without portfolio, Hillary Clinton as adviser to Islam, and Chris Mathews who got such tingles from Tsarnaev that he wants to have a three-way with Tsarnaev and Rachel Madcow.

Obama has warned us not to jump to conclusions concerning the motives of the two Muslim bombers of the Boston marathon.

However, when it comes to average everyday Americans who disagree with him, when it comes to the Tea Partiers, we are bitter clingers, racists, hate mongers. When it comes to Islam, we should not rush to judgment. Of course not.

What Barbara said! Plus: Hope the Marathon Committee is planning ahead to next years event, and coordinating approaches with other such groups, NYC Marathon, Mpls. marathon, etc …. They need to change how runners’ personal items are keep (Do away with their “yellow” personal tot bags?) and certainly demand that all boxes and cans be removed and that no one be allowed to have large bags or packs anywhere near the runners’ rout or near where crowds will gather.

Maybe now the police and security types will start to be more aware of what those bags and packs can hold!

Yeah, I know this is grousing after the fact, but that bags and packs were allowed anywhere near the Boston Marathon route seems inexcusable. We don’t have to shut down yet taking elementary, basic precautions seemed to be lost in the 12-years since 9/11.

A horrifying thought: how long until Elizabeth Warren’s #Occupy losers begin planting bombs?

Terrorists: 1, Bamster: 0.

Mr. Open Borders has lots of ‘splainin’ to do.

Chris Matthews et al. Where is the apology from the media outlets that were screaming the bombers had to be right-wing Tea Party anti-government extremists? Oh, right, too busy booking CAIR on your show so you can apologize to them for the ill-will shown to Jihadists by US citizens!