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Newly elected #IL02 Congresswoman Robin Kelly can’t remember her first two votes

Newly elected #IL02 Congresswoman Robin Kelly can’t remember her first two votes

Robin Kelly, newly elected Democrat Congresswoman in Jesse Jackson, Jr’s Illinois district, has already cast two votes.

But, a few hours after these votes, she could not answer when a radio host asked her for what she voted.

In an interview Friday on local Chicago radio station WGN, Kelly was asked:

Radio host: “And what were your first two votes?”

Robin Kelly: “Oh, you had to ask me that hard question. One was on, um, rules, and, um, the other one was more — that’s a very good question — um, uh, regulatory.”

Radio host: “Close enough for the first day in office, I guess.”

The radio interview was one of the first times since her Aurora gun gaffe that Kelly had addressed the public, aside from her Election Night acceptance speech where she called for war on the Tea Party.

For Kelly’s records, she voted “yes” on the motion to recommit with instructions HR 1120, the “Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act” at 12:00pm; she voted “no” on the bill passage at 12:10pm. The bill passed 219-209. Her radio interview was that same afternoon.

I’m not sure that Kelly’s description of these votes as about “rules” and “regulatory” is the most informative; the legislation relates to President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board — a move that is, according to bill sponsor Phil Roe (R-TN), unprecedented. Roe writes:

This bill is simple. It would require the Board to cease all activity until the legal issues surrounding the legitimacy of the so-called recess appointments are resolved. The legislation would also require a Senate-confirmed quorum (3 members) to review all the decisions the Board made while the appointments were in question.

Give Kelly a tweet and remind her she voted to allow Obama’s unprecedented recess appointments. Machine rule, day 1.


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Just another ignorant Machine hack doing what she is told. It’s a absolute certainty that she’ll vote the party line each and every time, regardless of what’s best for her subjects, er, constituents.

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    DDsModernLife in reply to W.H.Thompson. | April 14, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Well said, W.H.T. Illinois just sent another Democrat Drone to D.C. She apparently has constipation of the brain; if she has accompanying diarrhea of the mouth, she might at least offer some entertainment value.

all she needs is the ability to get a text message which says how to vote. other than that, she is free to roam about in her head.

Perhaps she was having a “mood disorder” while she was talking.

Wow. A Chicago Valley Girl…!!!


“Law-making is HARD…”

Didn’t the Democrats tell us that a girl always remembers her first time?

“Oh, you had to ask me that hard question. I can’t remember, but I can check with Pelosi’s office or the DNC. I did whatever they told me to do.”

DevilsPrinciple | April 14, 2013 at 2:06 pm

It’so pathetic that she’s apathetic and those that voted for her are apoplectic.

This isn’t representation, this is low information voter stupidity. Crime reduction and mass murders won’t be stopping anytime soon in Obamatown under Kelly’s watch.

It’s bad enough that Chicagoans are being punished for voting for her, but now she has been inflicted on the entire Country.

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