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MSNBC — Maybe Rap Music made Boston Bomber #1 do it

MSNBC — Maybe Rap Music made Boston Bomber #1 do it

Rounding out the possibilities

I’m trying to document the various excuses explanations being cast about by the media in an attempt to deflect attention from the obvious cause of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Maybe it wasn’t the boxing after all.

Might have been Rap Music (Maddow Show via Newsbusters)

An angry and violent jihadist who also loves rap — gee, who could see that one coming?

As part of MSNBC’s ardent efforts over the weekend to downplay any possible connection between the religion that can’t be named and the Boston Marathon bombings, Rachel Maddow spoke with Georgetown University professor Charles King, author of “The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus.”

So much more than radical Islam may have played a role in motivating the Tsarnaev brothers, King suggested —

MADDOW: A lot of people are trying to figure out if these men, uh, were terrorists who were radicalized overseas, if they were terrorists who were radicalized here, if this was totally unrelated to terrorist and, to terrorist causes. Do you think there will be a definitive answer with regard to their Chechen heritage in terms of whether that’s relevant and explanatory here?

KING: Well, I think it’s relevant to a degree. That is to say that, these guys grew up in a particular kind of community with a particular kind of history. They had a certain kind of background, but at the end of the day if we’re looking for motivation for this particular act, I think it’s going to lie in the way that they were radicalized in the United States, on the Internet, visiting chat rooms, putting their own kind of lives into some kind of narrative about this nihilistic, millenarian, sort of anti-Western, anti-modern, uh, jihadist ideology that you find in lots of different kinds of communities around the world.

MADDOW (quickly jumping to accused jihadists’ defense): If they, if they did.

KING: If they did. We still don’t know.

MADDOW: We have some evidence of a YouTube page that we think may connect to the older brother that posted some radicalized YouTube clips. The younger brother, there’s very thin evidence of anything.

KING: Well, and keep in mind that on his, on the elder brother’s, Tamerlan’s YouTube channel, there are an equal number of rap videos.

MADDOW (her spirit briefly lifted): Yeah.


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Oooh, oooh, oooh, I know this one – MSNBC is raaaaacist!

Oh, wait – that can’t be right…..

How would rap videos be a more palatable reason than the religion of violence? Unless of course you’re a supporter of the religion of violence.

I mean no disrespect to the victims of 9/11 or the Marathon bombing, but:

The Left’s reactions obey what Marx said about history repeating: first time tragedy, second time farce.

The whole thing about “what made the bomber do it” is nonsense. There are probably a few million men in the United States who have participated in boxing (to take the now-passe example) to some extent. Hardly any of them have committed or tried to commit acts of terror. That applies to listening to rap music or virtually any other explanation given.

People make choices. It’s those choices that make a difference, not their experiences.

It’s obvious to me that Rachel Maddow does not believe what she is saying. So why is she saying it? Muslims that big of a market share? Or is it just her Rightwingophobia?

Why they did it? What difference does it make? Didn’t Chrissy Thrill-Leg already say that?

Oh, and Rachel: we don’t have “some evidence of a youtube page”. We have proof of a jihadist youtube page. Not re the little brother? Seriously? Murdering people might have been just sort of like trying pot for the impressionable youngster?

[…] other news from the ridiculous MSNBC is suggesting that rap music is to blame, not the previous excuse which was boxing. It certainly does not occur to MSNBC and the DailyKooks […]


Huh? Maybe this is why I don’t ever listen to rap music: I never had the inclination to create pressure cooker bombs or to go on the internet and listen to extremist jihad rants or to use my time abroad to research how to detonate a bomb – a bomb that would kill, maim and terrorize humans. Huh?! Maybe Madcow is on to somehting here.

First… Rap ain’t “music.” It’s noise pollution!

Second.. Anything coming out of the bowels of MSNBC has no merit whatsoever.

Last.. If I were able and had the means, I would place a remotely detonated mother of stink bombs on their premises…

I wonder if Maddow and Matthews were brainwashed overseas?

The only reason to pursue where these guys were radicalized is to ferret out any accomplices. We already know that being a devout Muslim leads to being radicalized because that is what(jihad) their prophet and his book teaches. How many centuries do we have to fight Islam before we learn it is a bloody religion with a goal of world conquest?

How can you know this way not that?
You choose the door, you choose the path
Perhaps you should be coming back
Another day, another day
And nothing is quite what is seems
You’re dreaming! Are you dreaming? Oh, Alice!

Rachel Madcow is one sick woman.
What’s astounding is the Hollywood crowd’s love of her — explained to me by one of them because of her ‘take it to them attitude.’ Content irrelevant.

Had we more Ted Cruzs and Rand Pauls in the GOP leadership — and NO John Boehners whatsoever near the levers of leadership — perhaps we’d begin to attract people who mindlessly follow passion, regardless where it’s taking them.

Had to share this. In a pleading written by the plaintiff’s attorney, the parties were described this way (names partially changed to maintain confidentiality):

“The Plaintiff, Smith Hardware Inc.(herein known as ‘Smith’), and the Defendant, Nuts & Bolts Supply, Inc.(herein known as ‘Nuts’)….”