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MSM attends #Gosnell trial, posing threat to pro-abortion narrative

MSM attends #Gosnell trial, posing threat to pro-abortion narrative

The media apparently was in full attendance at the Kermit Gosnell trial starting yesterday.

Professor Glenn Reynolds called it Breaking media silence:

Now the story has gotten some coverage on CNN (Jake Tapper broke the silence first) and other networks, and while it’ll never get the attention that national media lavished on politically convenient stories like Newtown, or the Trayvon Martin shooting, it is at least on the national radar.

But the difficulty that this story had in reaching that stage tells you a lot about the news media’s preferences and priorities –and blind spots.

Pundette has many of the details, Big media outlets see and hear some evil yesterday at Gosnell infanticide trial:

In testimony from the city Medical Examiner Sam Gulino, they heard about autopsies of 47 aborted unborn who were found at Kermit Gosnell’s  clinic. They heard about body parts stuffed into cat and dog food  containers, of tiny crushed skulls, of liquified brain matter, of  severed feet, of a partial arm.

When the prosecutor showed color photos of the  dead unborn, bodies twisted, chopped, one solidly red with blood, there  were audible gasps from the rear of the room. A hard and heartbreaking  lesson.

The Blaze further reports:

This fact struck me throughout the day, as images and testimony painted immensely chilling pictures.

Courtroom photos, almost unbearable to look at, corroborated this notion, as they showed aborted babies from Gosnell’s clinic, ranging in gestational age — but fully formed. The photos and the alleged details, combined, paint some pictures about what abortion really consists of — and it seems McMahon used this description in the defense of his client.

To say that I felt uncomfortable throughout the day would be an understatement, as the discussions, at moments, forced me to hold back from cringing or visibly reacting to what was being said.

The Washington Post health columnist writes Abortion debate inflamed by horrific details in trial of Philadelphia doctor, focusing on how the details affect the abortion debate:

Reporters from the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News had settled in alongside a handful of local and wire service reporters to hear the latest testimony regarding the case of Kermit Gosnell, a 72-year-old abortion provider who faces charges of murdering seven infants whose spines he allegedly snipped with scissors when they were born after induced labor at his West Philadelphia clinic…

The evidence Monday included testimony from Sam P. Gulino, Philadelphia’s chief medical examiner, who described receiving scores of fetuses and baby parts to examine in 2010 after authorities raided Gosnell’s clinic.

Gulino described two jars filled with formaldehyde, one holding a left foot and the other a right foot, from the same 22-week fetus.

This attention to the details, however, comes amidst an intensified pushback that the Gosnell clinic’s horrors were a result of pressure on abortion providers by pro-life groups.  It’s a nonsensical argument because what Gosnell did was illegal regardless of where it took place:

This is all part of the Look, Squirrel! strategy designed to distract from the reality that people are repulsed by the dismemberment of children, and that the procedures used post-birth by Gosnell were not drastically different than the procedures used in utero during legal abortions.

A must read on this pushback is James Taranto’s From Roe to Gosnell:

The reductio ad absurdum of the pro-abortion side is Kermit Gosnell. That is why the Gosnell case has crystallized our view that the current regime of abortion on demand in America is a grave evil that ought to be abolished. It is murderous, if not categorically then at least in its extreme manifestations. Maintaining it requires an assault on language and logic that has taken on a totalitarian character. And it is politically poisonous.

Some pro-abortion commentators have denied that the horrors of the Women’s Medical Society implicate their ideology. While they have little to say about the babies Gosnell allegedly killed, they certainly don’t approve of the way he treated his pregnant patients, at least two of whom, according to the grand jury, ended up dead, with untold others mutilated or infected. No, these advocates assure us, they want abortion to be “safe and legal.” (The Clintonian “rare” is not heard anymore. In a Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed last month, Kate Michelman of NARAL Pro-Choice America came right out and said that she wants abortion to be “common.”)

But the grand jury–which described its members as covering “a spectrum of personal beliefs about the morality of abortion”–directly blamed “pro-choice” politics for the regulatory failure that allowed the clinic to remain open for decades. The Pennsylvania Department of Health had conducted occasional inspections of the clinic starting in 1979, although it failed to act on the violations it found….

As the trial is covered in the mainstream media, expect the pushback to intensify.

Update: Laura W. at Ace of Spades HQ observes (emphasis in original):

In response to the Gosnell trial, some absolutist pro-choice folks are saying that the reason Gosnell’s slaughterhouse was so awful is because late-term abortions should be legal, and women were ‘driven underground’ to see this illegal doctor.

Gosnell was a legal and known abortion provider, not ‘underground.’ His transgressions would have been caught if only he had been subject to the same inspections that every other outpatient facility is subject to. It sure wasn’t rightwing zealots that shielded him from ordinary audits.

But that’s neither here nor there. We need to address this insistence that there be no limits on abortion. Which means to legalize the termination of large, healthy babies that pose no risk to the mother’s life.

The problem with absolutism is that it shoots itself in the foot. Truly radical pro-choicers do not understand that the assumption that abortion primarily kills very tiny, unviable blobs, is the very thing that keeps abortion legal. It is in fact the only thing keeping a majority of people ignoring the subject.


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“Courtroom photos, almost unbearable to look at, corroborated this notion, as they showed aborted babies from Gosnell’s clinic, ranging in gestational age — but fully formed.”

OK, there is a danger here.

Many of these babies (note the correct term) were NOT “aborted” so much as DELIVERED.

Then they were murdered.

We have to make sure that the “aborted” term is not allowed to be misused.

    I’m pretty sure we don’t fully agree about abortion, but I fully agree with this comment.

    Owego in reply to Ragspierre. | April 16, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Exactly correct. Deconstruction of the language is most important. We redefine or simply stop using words and phrases; war, Islamism, terrorist, illegal immigrant, marriage, and now it’s time to redefine abortion.

    Once upon a time there was “just” abortion. Then, we “advanced” to the point where, so long as the head has not been delivered, it’s still “just” abortion. Now, we move forward to the elite, “enlightened” position that calls upon us to decide how long after an infant has been delivered we still have “just” an abortion. Somewhere in there between the womb and the world we crossed over into infanticide. Not to worry, we’ll just redefine it.

    Meanwhile, at the other end of the cycle of life, we have those old folks who are costing us too much money to keep alive. We’ll get back to them when this dies down.

    I have to go wash up.

    retire05 in reply to Ragspierre. | April 16, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    “Many of these babies (note the correct term) were NOT “aborted” so much as DELIVERED.

    Then they were murdered.

    We have to make sure that the “aborted” term is not allowed to be misused.”

    So you are wanting to play the wordsmith game here? What difference does it make if Gosnell “snipped” the baby’s spinal cord causing death after it was delivered or inserted a Metzenbaum scissors into the baby’s skull and sucked out it’s brain while still en utero (providing for those “tiny crushed skulls”) causing the mother to deliver a dead baby?

    So shall we call abortion what it really is? The ending of a human life. No matter if that human life is ended due to saline poisoning, dismemberment while still in the uterus, sucking the baby’s brains out which causes the baby’s head to collapse, or the way Gosnell did it, it is murder and it is legalized murder in a nation that has lost it’s moral standing.

      Ragspierre in reply to retire05. | April 17, 2013 at 8:54 am

      I am a wordsmith. It is not a game. It is part of my profession. It should be something we all undertake and uphold, as Rush often says.

      I do not disagree with what you said, generally.

      My point was clearly made in my first comment. Mark Steyn has made that same point, I believe.

        retire05 in reply to Ragspierre. | April 17, 2013 at 9:30 am

        Illegal aliens = undocumented workers
        Same sex marriage = marriage equality
        Infanticide via abortion = a woman’s choice
        Marxism = social justice

        You can play the word game all you want. It has been, and continues to be, a ploy of of the left to distract from what is real. A shell game using words.

        As to Mark Steyn, I enjoy his writtings, and agree with him 99.9% of the time, but in the end, he is just one man with one opinion which is no more valid than mine.

          Ragspierre in reply to retire05. | April 17, 2013 at 10:00 am

          You can play the “pick a fight” game all you want.

          What I noted in my comment was true. (See the period?)

          I am not torturing language. Any implication that I am is a lie.

rabid wombat | April 16, 2013 at 1:51 pm

“the assumption that abortion primarily kills very tiny, unviable blobs, is the very thing that keeps abortion legal”

unviable blobs….Congress, OWS, etc…

Post Partum abortions!


Now that the media has shown up, after being dragged kicking and screaming to the courthouse, it’s now not whether they’ll report the story, but *HOW* they’ll frame it.

The facts in the case are gruesome, I have read the Grand Jury report, and you can as well:

1. Afaic digital media are often misused to abet groupthink and the like, so it’s great to see this example. A tip of the cap to our host for his role in the episode.

2. The abortion debate beckons. If I yield, I can kiss the afternoon goodbye.


“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

-The Gospel According to John, 3:20

Note the continued refusal to confront evil by the libturd universe. Every act of evil is just another useful crisis.

A display of every photo and exhibit from this trial should be set up on a long row of tables. Every member of the media attending the trial should be required to walk past and look at every single one before being permitted to leave the room. No exemptions, no exceptions.

Don’t let the pro-abortion folks get away with that nonsense to the effect that “right-wingers made Dr. Gosnell do this” or that the right-wing made women go to this sub-standard clinic. The clinic was sub-standard and Dr. Gosnell was able to get away with – literally – murder for so long because the Pennsylvania pro-abortion politicians decided in 1993 to end all state regulatory inspections of abortion clinics in the entire state. Why? Because they believed that inspections would make women stay away from the clinics or would produce bad publicity for the “abortion rights” movement. There were no state inspections from 1993 forward; period. And, further, what complaints were made to the state authorities about Dr. Gosnell’s clinic after 1993 (and before) were either ignored or the inspections were superficial and nothing was done. That’s what produced this butcher shop.

Now we know that Holder’s wife owns the very building these murders took place in.

Kinda explains the incredible lack of reporting by msm…

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to karra. | April 16, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    No that is false.

    She inherited a building in Georgia in which an abortionnservice operated & one that was charged with Medifraud.

    I believe she has put this into a blind trust – alledgedly after being made aware .

    Also she s not very black. A bit more of this from Holder & the family will evolve to be on the path to whiteness.

Truly radical pro-choicers do not understand that the assumption that abortion primarily kills very tiny, unviable blobs, is the very thing that keeps abortion legal.

Actually, I suspect they understand this all too well, which is why they’ll go to any lengths either to cover it up or to create a big distraction replete with screams, lies, and whatnot. The images always get to them because they get to Jane Average.

One of the pro-life tactics most detested by proaborts is the Face the Truth campaign that makes public display of the victims of abortion. No one seeing the photos can remain neutral. (While I wholeheartedly endorse this display for adults, I can’t bring myself to show the photos where children will see them.)

Midwest Rhino | April 17, 2013 at 6:09 am

This should be framed as bloody Obama policy, which extends to his treatment of ALL life.

His “detachment disorder” was in view in his description of letting the abortion survivors die back in Illinois. It is observed in Obama’s callous response to the pain and suffering from the destruction of our economy and health care system, in Obama’s administration’s praise of Mao and Marxism, his support for Castro or Chavez, his old church’s support of Farrakhan … the list goes on.

Human life is to be sacrificed to achieve the “transformation of America” into his Rev. Wright/Bill Ayers utopia. Obama’s team runs Chicago with its high crime and murder rates, while Holder gives 2500 untracked weapons to drug cartels, then team Obama expands sanctuary cities into sanctuary America, as murderous cartels traffic in drugs and humans as cargo.

The Newtown children were more useful victims toward gun confiscation goals. Those children too, were left unprotected from a murderous madman, as a matter of Obama policy, “aborted” for his cause.

[…] These past few days, I have had to force myself – sometimes unsuccessfully – to turn my attentions to these other matters. […]