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Me on African-American Conservatives radio

Me on African-American Conservatives radio

I appeared last night on African-American Conservatives Blog Talk Radio.

Before me was Allen West.

If you want to jump ahead, my segment starts at the 30 minute mark (it’s easier to scroll forward if you go to the AACONS page which has a larger embedded audio which is easier to scroll).

We talked about Dr. Ben Carson, immigration, and a variety of other topics.

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Listening to your response to the question about how we deal with the smear tactics of the left, and you concede that “you’re never going to get them to change their minds” but then the interviewer relates a story about how she responded to a science teacher’s misquote of Sarah Palin, and he thanked her for correcting him. But she then says, “yes we can’t change their mind, I don’t think he’s going to change his registration….”

Changing that science teacher’s mind is not an all or nothing process. It took 40+ years of slow erosion of the public school system, and we cannot expect to change them overnight, but we can stop the erosion, and keep correcting them on a case by case basis. I won’t concede ANY ground to them, unless they can demonstrate a reasoning which is logical. In my opinion, cnce we can engage in logical, reasonable discussions with the other side of the aisle we will be able to regain lost ground. The focus we should have is to engage them with logical reasoning, and point out the unintended consequences of emotional reaction in terms of making policy.

Bruno Lesky | April 3, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Excellent exposition of conservative positions and viewpoints! Thanks much Professor Jacobson for posting.

I and I suspect your followers stand with the AACONs.

Taking up the AACON program’s illegal immigrant topic: I think that ILLEGAL entry is a formidable precedent for illegal aliens to overcome toward the realization of upstanding American citizenship. There are legal and psychological reasons for my opinion. Dare I say spiritual reasons, too.

If there are intelligent criteria for staying in the US — OK. But no citizenship. No vote. Qualified benefits.

More. I have additional opinions but my fundament is what America(ns) do I want?

My fellow citizens would be: literate. Able to tell right from wrong. Productive. Want to discover and work for their personal futures freely. They would get the “former” American Way — produce with viable exchange and prosperity for many.

Here’s my kicker — So-called “anchor babies.” What’s going on with the 14th Amendment? Why do all the relatives get to be citizens?

Not finished posing but have to sign off for now!