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Lawfare for Terry McAuliffe >> The Streisand Effect

Lawfare for Terry McAuliffe >> The Streisand Effect

Terry McAuliffe, perennial Democratic partisan and Clintonite, wants to be Governor of Virginia.

But he has a problem.

A big problem, Terry McAuliffe’s Solyndra.  Go read the article at the link.  All you need to know is in this Dukakis-in-a-tank-like photo:


While the issue had received attention, it was mostly among those already tuning in.

Then run by The Franklin Center did FOIA digging, and turned up some juicy nuggets about GreenTech which are embarrassing to McAuliffe, and voila, LAWFARE.

From an e-mail circulated by The Franklin Center:

This week a lawsuit was filed against us for stories my investigative team in Virginia did in exposing potential problems and questionable business dealings with a green energy company called GreenTech. 

What makes this story important is the close ties this company has with “former” chairman and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Terry McAuliffe and the fact that Hillary Clinton’s brother is also involved with this company.

Our investigation obviously struck a nerve.  So much so, that attorneys for the Clinton/McAuliffe tied company are suing us for $85 Million.

Yes you are reading that correctly …. $85 million.  This appears to me to be a case of intimidation.

Ed Morrissey further reports:

Yesterday in the Green Room, I linked to a Jim Geraghty column at NRO about the reaction from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) after Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive applied for grants.  A FOIA request produced internal memos showing that VEDP became very suspicious that GTA was “a visa-for-sale scheme,” which posted after getting access to the internal communications.  McAuliffe, who is running for governor in Virginia this year against current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has yet to explain the memos, but his former firm has responded by, er … suing Watchdog for $85 million.

Now everyone will know about it and it will dominate many news cycles and probably the entire campaign, because McAuliffe’s buds have unleashed The Streisand Effect:

In 2003, Kenneth Adelman took photographs of Streisand’s Malibu mansion for a US government sanctioned project called California Coastal Records Project, which has the goal of documenting changes in the California coastline. Streisand sued Adelman, and based on privacy laws. The suit failed, since the photographs were taken from public airspace, and the image of her mansion was among 12,000 other images for the project. In the month following the lawsuit, the site was visited over 400,000 times.


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They say publicity is always a good thing, except when it’s not. Time will tell how this suit goes.

Calling Green Tech “McAuliffe’s Solyndra” could get you sued for defamation – by Solyndra.

Solyndra went belly-up because of market forces, it was bad timing and a bad way to use taxpayer and investor money, but it wasn’t a criminal enterprise.

The visa-for-sale stuff is the tip of the iceberg for Green Tech. They can defend themselves against that – you see, they weren’t really selling the coveted visas, they were bilking Asian investors with the promise of them. It’s a scam.

Also, the only “green” about them so far is the name. And there is much, much more. When a Rodham bro is involved with your business, your best hope is a pardon.

Kimberly Strassel is a national treasure.

The McAuliffe+Clintons+Rodhams are TO DATE SO FAR apparently legal scammers.

How did that EB-5 Visa law get written so these people (and others under the radar) could sell US green cards and profit themselves??

I read that for EB-5 visas to be valid, at least 10 full time jobs for US citizens PER $500,000 INVESTOR have to be created.

Internet info — so maybe not current — is that as of July 2012, there were 67 employees in the GreenTech Mississippi site and 8 employees in the McLean Virginia office. Maybe 7 now that McAuliffe says he’s no longer involved :-). So 73 employees = $3,500,000 max in EB-5 capitalization.

GreenTech is not releasing the amount of money raised.

This stinks way worse than a Virginia race for governor — the easy criminality of it — and the involvement of America’s top political class. It’s about using the state to institutionalize looting. So clever EB-5, as it’s apparently not directly affecting US taxpayers … the loot is coming from foreigners. What foreigners and at what price?

It’s gaming the system on a grand scale. Trickle down parallels on a small scale: receiving disability checks by the able … food stamps for those who could provide for themselves, etc.

Rot at the core of the ethical relationship among citizens.

I was going to ask if the car in the photo was built by Lego. Then I realized that if it was people, including and especially myself, would actually want one.

If some enterprising person were to take that vehicle and put in a proper sized diesel motor with an all-wheel drive train you would all kinds of awesome fun at a reasonable price.

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