There is some very lame pushback against the overwhelming evidence that the mainstream media has a virtual news blackout on the Gosnell trial.

It started with a post in Slate about how “feminist” bloggers have written about Gosnell, and the NY Times reported on the case at the time of the indictment two years ago.

Rather than addressing the problem — that the live testimony at the trial has revealed the horrors like never before — some people are cherry-picking isolated media reports to make believe it’s not a problem, and making the argument that “feminist” writers were ignored.

This is a red herring. Some “feminist” writers may have written about it and there were some media reports mostly long ago, but compare the coverage since the trial started to other high profile trials.

The recent demand for coverage started with pro-life bloggers, and then went viral when Kristen Powers wrote her powerful piece in USA Today calling out the media for its silence.

Those are the facts. Sorry the facts don’t line up with the counter-narrative that there is no media problem.