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Lame #Gosnell media blackout pushback

Lame #Gosnell media blackout pushback

There is some very lame pushback against the overwhelming evidence that the mainstream media has a virtual news blackout on the Gosnell trial.

It started with a post in Slate about how “feminist” bloggers have written about Gosnell, and the NY Times reported on the case at the time of the indictment two years ago.

Rather than addressing the problem — that the live testimony at the trial has revealed the horrors like never before — some people are cherry-picking isolated media reports to make believe it’s not a problem, and making the argument that “feminist” writers were ignored.

This is a red herring. Some “feminist” writers may have written about it and there were some media reports mostly long ago, but compare the coverage since the trial started to other high profile trials.

The recent demand for coverage started with pro-life bloggers, and then went viral when Kristen Powers wrote her powerful piece in USA Today calling out the media for its silence.

Those are the facts. Sorry the facts don’t line up with the counter-narrative that there is no media problem.


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What’s really shameful about this developing story, is that the story about the media ignoring the story, is becoming the story! Let’s not forget Gosnell’s on trial for what is evidently an abominable horror shop.

    n.n in reply to Paul. | April 12, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    The story should be about both Gosnell and his slaughterhouse, and the consequences of normalizing dysfunctional behaviors (e.g. premeditated murder). The people who are pro-abortion/choice and those who provide political and popular protection must not enjoy a dissociation of risk from normalizing a dysfunctional behavior they intentionally sponsored, and for convenience of all things.

    Gosnell was only a hired proxy to commit murder of dozens, hundreds, perhaps more people. He is a symptom of a degenerate morality capable of rationalizing premeditated murder without cause, without due process, and in ignorance of equal protection.

    It is not only Gosnell, and his cohorts, who are standing trial for crimes committed against individuals, society, and humanity. This is a proxy trial to test the moral convictions of a community and nation. We, as a people, have tolerated an elective genocide of around 50 million human lives in the last 40 years.

Exactly! The problem is not that this mass slaughter was not covered by the mainstream press, but that it was not offered prominent coverage. In fact, it was subordinated to lesser crimes against individuals, society, and humanity. The problem is either one of priorities or the consequences of normalizing dysfunctional behaviors. The problem is that people choose money and convenience over an innocent human life, which a woman and man conceived of a voluntary behavior. Human life has been devalued through normalization of elective abortion.

Anyone notice that the links for NY Times and Time magazine stories were from early in 2011; two years ago? Same with the articles and coverage noted in the Salon piece. Guess they’re afraid that actual current coverage will generate enough public outrage to affect the ability of women to get late-term abortions … thought that Roe v. Wade specified that third trimester abortions could be banned by state laws? Oh, yeah; that would be denying women health care; forgot, sorry.


When did the Gosnell trial START…???

How much ink has been expended in detailing the testimony???

What a pack of lying FLUCKS…!!!!

If you publicize the trial, you’ll have to tell gross details. If you report on TV, you’ll have to show gross photos. If women see the photos, they’ll associate abortion with photos of dismembered babies. If they get pregnant, they will be unlikely to kill their kid. If kids don’t get killed, we’ll have too many people on welfare, and that will crash the system.

Oh wait, Hussein wants to crash the system — Cloward-Piven strategy. So it’s something else. Maybe there will be too many minority babies — the Sanger problem. Yes, eugenics is part of the answer.

The real reason is, if abortion loses favor, women will change their behavior. Chastity could become in vogue, virginity even. Women won’t be ready-and-waiting sex slaves anymore. In that case, radical feminism dies. Then the whole premise of the left, which is a sex cult, could be undermined. Abortion (and sodomy) have always been, and always will be, the sine qua non of the left.

So it was only “news” when the arrest occurred, back in 2011, and not worthy of followup now, two years later?

Let’s see how that theory holds up when George Zimmerman comes up for trail for defending himself against the “youngster”, Trayvon Martin. That occurred back in 2012, so it couldn’t possibly be news now, according to Jody Jacobson or any of the other media defenders.

I am sure I will be able to admire her consistency.

Juba Doobai! | April 12, 2013 at 9:13 pm

The non-coverage is about protecting the LSM’s baby-killing advocate Obama, their jug-eared jesus.

And the feminists are blaming conservatives of course.

BannedbytheGuardian | April 13, 2013 at 4:10 am

Ok at least those Brits are covering it & the issue of non US MSM coverage. The Tele has 13 pages of comment .

I have certainly seen it in the Australian media .

If those 2 can cover it – there is no excuse for America media.