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I’ll have a side of fries with that Concealed Carry Permit

I’ll have a side of fries with that Concealed Carry Permit

From Pat Austin at And So It Goes In Shreveport, Free Chicken Saturday With Concealed Carry Permit:

As the 2013 Louisiana legislature prepared to take up several gun regulation proposals, a local fast food fried chicken place has weighed into the debate by offered a free meal to concealed carry holders.

Chicken Express owner Randal Neel says it was the busiest Saturday he’s ever had.

KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

More info and links at Pat’s post.


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Chicken Express has GOOD chicken, too!

Every time I hear entrepreneurial spirit like this, I have a renewed sense of hope. It just goes to show, that the American spirit is far from defeat. God bless the small business owners who are doing what they can in the face of government overregulation. What an ingenious way to show support for the 2nd Amendment, it made me smile.

This kind of thing is not that uncommon, actually. A restaurant in Minnesota recently had a similar initiative:

Really, it’s not that different than the practice, common in my youth, of all-night coffee/donut shops offering free coffee to the patrolmen on duty in the neighborhood. Knowing that an all-night shop is frequently patronized by armed policemen is a substantial deterrent to robbers. No reason the same principle would not apply in the context of encouraging the patronage of lawfully armed citizens.


    I’m a cop in Houston and this still goes on in one form or another. I’ve often gotten comt’ed coffee or soda at a gas station or coffee house. Hell, in some of the worse neighborhoods some gas stations set up a mini office so an officer can drink something and finish a report in the field. For the business, the cost if a Coke may be 25 cents but having that car parked in front of his gas station at 300 am is invaluable.

    Law of Self Defense. Sorry, can’t type this am. Should have abbreviated LoSD

The busiest, *and* the safest.

Liberals hate this. It undermines their belief they alone are in control of the horizontal and the vertical.

The Progressive ‘Outer Limits:’

It’s a little far to travel for a free meal but I don’t think that I’ll ever see an equal deal here in liberal Austin…

Interesting. I just came home from Gander Mountain and there’s this post.
This morning I purchased a handgun: Sig Sauer P250. The guy next to me at the counter told me it was a great gun.
The salesperson showed me how to load and shoot the handgun (I am used to shooting .22 rifles). Next Saturday I will go to a gun range, shoot some ammo and get some training, too. I pick up the handgun in three days.
I was told that 9mm ammo is hard to get a hold of but the salesperson would find me some.
This twenty-something salesperson let me know that he wasn’t too keen on Obama.
Soon I’ll get my conceal carry permit.
-All done legally as a citizen of the United States.

    GrumpyOne in reply to Sally Paradise. | April 14, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Sally, I’ve been looking to buy a couple of boxes of 9MM for some time.

    Most of it is being bought up by the government with a healthy part of the remainder being used in CHL training of which I just went through the renewal process. Fifty rounds required was well over $30…

    Phillep Harding in reply to Sally Paradise. | April 15, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    9mm and .22LR both in short supply. Even airgun ammo is costing more; the cheap stuff costs about what .22LR used to cost. Good luck finding ammo. Seems like the foreign made ammo cannot be imported any more.