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#Gosnell judge reinstates one murder charge, drops another

#Gosnell judge reinstates one murder charge, drops another

This is odd.  Yesterday we reported Judge tosses several counts against #Gosnell, many others remain.

Now the Judge is claiming clerical mistake.

Pa. Judge Corrects Charges Tossed in Abortion Case:

Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Minehart had ruled Tuesday that prosecutors over the past month failed to make a case on three of the seven first-degree murder counts, involving aborted babies known as Baby B, Baby C and Baby G.

On Wednesday, Minehart clarified that he did not intend to dismiss charges related to Baby C, which former employee Lynda Williams admits killing after it was alive for 20 minutes.

Instead, Minehart has thrown out the charges involving Baby F, which allegedly jerked its leg after it was born. Another staff member says Gosnell then cut the baby’s neck to “ensure fetal demise.”

Baby C was Baby Tossed in Shoe Box, Still Breathing:

The reinstated charge involves Baby C — about whom a Gosnell staffer testified was a newborn child who survived a failed abortion and was still breathing into a shoe box.


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legalizehazing | April 24, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Baby B = Benjamin
Baby C = Catherine
Baby F = Felipe
Baby G = Greggory

to “ensure THE DEFENSELESS CHILD’S demise”

This is so sad.

    This is insane! To murder a human life when it has no voice to protest nor Arms to challenge its persecutor is insane!

    It’s not just sad. Choosing an elective abortion sponsors a general devaluation of human life, from conception to grave.

    I wonder how many women, and men, would support an elective abortion of Baby BO = Barack Obama.

    Women, and men, need to make a better choice. The consequences of their degenerate action is not limited them individually. An act of premeditated murder is classified as a crime committed against an individual, society, and humanity, and with good reason.

With “diversity” we are interchangeable. With “rights” we are disposable. With “progress” we are dysfunctional and degenerate.

“Pro-Choice” Radicals: Gosnell Infanticide Mere “Malpractice”
A couple’s choice is before conception occurs, not after the conception. If states would recognize the personhood of the preborn baby, this horrendous infanticide could be stopped. Gosnell has been in practice for 40 years since the “Mother’s Day Massacre” and was stopped for prescribing too much medicine, not for killing people. Defund this planned parenthood organization. has petitions and lawsuits regarding this.

BannedbytheGuardian | April 24, 2013 at 6:49 pm

Yesterday I noted the comment onthe Daily Mail site that noted the co incidence of these charges being dropped & Obama attending PP Gala Night. The commenter did not have to add anything else .

It was one of only 3 comments & carried a massive punch. This is international eyes & it was bringing Obama to light. Those who were interested enough to read understood & no one disputed the connection.

Further – I am interested in the Abuse Of Corpse charge being dropped. This looks to me to be a challenge on what is a corpse & what is human medical waste.

Somebody talked to that judge, but who?

I’ll amend my original comment. The defense has rested, the judge has reinstated one charge, a deal has been made.