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Dem candidate in #IL02 blames Aurora victims: “Nobody pulled out their gun to kill the gentleman”

Dem candidate in #IL02 blames Aurora victims: “Nobody pulled out their gun to kill the gentleman”

Robin Kelly apparently doesn’t know theater was gun-free zone

In the special election in Illinois to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., Robin Kelly is the candidate of the Chicago Democratic Machine, Michael Bloomberg and Daily Kos.

Despite repeated requests, Kelly still refuses to debate Republican nominee Paul McKinley.

Instead Kelly held her own single-candidate lecture session last night in which she made a truly startling accusation — that concealed carry doesn’t work at stopping violence as proven by the failure of the Aurora movie theater attendees to shoot back at James Holmes (via Rebel Pundit, emphasis added).

… I’m not for conceal and carry, but I know that’s going to happen because Illinois is the only state that does not have it and so the Supreme Court says we have to have it, but I’m hoping that we have the weakest conceal and carry …. One thing I talk about, when you think about the mass shootings that have occurred, like in, I think it was Aurora, Colorado, in the movie.  Now, they have conceal and carry, but nobody pulled out their gun to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did, and they could have….”

Was it necessary to rewrite history to place the blame for the murders on the victims — for not pulling out their guns in a movie theater that banned guns?

Is Kelly that ignorant of the circumstances of the shooting, or do the facts not matter because Kelly’s ultimate goal is to ban guns?

Now it’s clear why Kelly is hiding from a debate.

Will The Chicago Tribune and other Chicago media covering for Kelly finally pay attention and call her out not only for her MIA campaign but also her insult and ignorance regarding the Aurora shooting?

The election is April 9.


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As a low-information candidate she is perfect for the Chicago Machine. She can threw out waste from the Dem plantation as good as the rest.

And, James Holmes is not the only one who needs a psychological evaluation.

casualobserver | April 5, 2013 at 8:38 am

Surely your last question about the media is a cynical one. Since I’m not in the area, I can only guess. But would it be accurate to suspect that there is still a lot of media coverage, that it is still plentiful, and that it still favors Kelly in volume and tone by a large margin?

stevewhitemd | April 5, 2013 at 9:02 am

There is virtually no coverage in the Tribune or Sun Times. I’ve seen nothing in the local newspapers. Apparently it’s in the bag so there’s no need to waste ink.

The “gentleman?” Seriously?…..

    kevino in reply to PaddyORyan. | April 5, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I agree 100%.

    In what twisted, messed up society do we call a deranged killer who enters a crowded theater and proceeds to murder people a “gentleman”!?

    Oh, of course, this useless, witless piece of human filth is from Chicago and darling of the corrupt Chicago political machine. No wonder she has no decency.

I’m really starting to believe this level of lying should be considered criminal behavior.

It’s obvious why she is hiding from a debate. She is incapable of speaking in coherent sentences.

No surprise there’s a whole lot of stupid here. She’s an excellent Machine rep and unfortunately, a likely perfect representative for IL02.

Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

“Will The Chicago Tribune and other Chicago media covering for Kelly finally pay attention and call her out…”

Of course not. ESPECIALLY not now.

Stupid beyond compare. Being retarded is no bar to running for office.

The theatre was supposedly a “Gun free zone”, I don’t suppose that failed at all, now, did it Robin? How can someone draw a concealed carry handgun if they are not allowed at all in the theatre? Unless, of course, they are criminals who don’t follow the law to begin with. It seems that the shooter was able to conceal his carried weapon pretty well until he used it. Conceal carry is not the failure here. Banning law abiding citizens from carrying is the failure.

Not only is Robin Kelly ignorant of the facts of Aurora, but she is also the big failure in this latest round of insanity.

The Liberal Media has a guilty conscience ignoring remarkable moron liberals? Not on your life.

Henry Hawkins | April 5, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Doesn’t anger me a bit, but that’s only because I’ve lowered my standards for anyone coming out of Chicago. Robin Kelly is the consummate machine puppet:

“Shut up, you’re running whether you want to or not. Shut up, don’t even campaign. It’s in the bag and you can only hurt your chances by campaigning or debating. If you gotta talk, try to sound smart and stick to the basic shit. Say ‘ support of President Obama’s plan I will..’ at least once for every topic. But mostly, shut up, wait for orders, and don’t f–k it up.”

Why bother being polite to them anymore?

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