The NY Post and other media outlets are being raked over the coals for releasing a photo of alleged suspects which turned out to be wrong, as I discussed.

It turns out the cops may have been playing the media deliberately to give the real suspects the impression that their identities were not yet known.

Via The Blaze, Fox’s Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Law Enforcement Officials Who Leaked Wrong Suspect Photos to Press, Including Him: ‘My Jaw Dropped’ (h/t Lee Stranahan):

One of the burning questions this author had in the wake of the New York Post releasing photos of two men it was told from law enforcement officials were wanted for questioning, only to have the debunked by the afternoon, focused on Fox’s Bill Hemmer. On Thursday’s “Fox and Friends,” anchor Gretchen Carlson held up the Post’s cover on-air and noted — albeit cautiously — that select members of the media had been shown the photos, and that Fox’s own Bill Hemmer was one of them.

That left one question: If Hemmer had been shown the pictures and they turned out to be ​not ​of the actual suspects, why didn’t Hemmer either stop Carlson or correct the record?

Now it appears we may know.

According to a strongly worded explanation on Friday morning with Carlson and the “Fox and Friends” crew, at least one law enforcement official was feeding the media misinformation.

Makes sense, in hindsight.  The NY Post stood by its story even after there were public doubts.  Maybe its source burned it, and others, most particularly the two guys in the photo who were not suspects, just two guys in the crowd.


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