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Caroline Glick on Judea and Samaria

Caroline Glick on Judea and Samaria

You may recall Professor Eugene Kontorovich’s presentation, The Legal Case for Israel, in which he pointed out that the West Bank legally belonged to Israel and was illegally occupied by Jordan prior to 1967.

That puts a very different perspective on all the hyped-up claims that Israel’s control of the West Bank is “illegal” and that “settlements” are unlawful.

It’s also worth listening to this speech by Caroline Glick, which addresses the problem from a practical political and demographic viewpoint.


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Don’t need ANY “legal case””. Israel exists, don’t give two damns what the islamics, say OR Barry Soetero, or the LEFT say. Period, The End, Fini. Done, Stick a Fork in it. OVER! It is ISRAEL..

BannedbytheGuardian | April 3, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Russian subtitles?

Krasnaya Komrad.

God bless that woman!!!!

The fantastically passionate and brilliant Caroline Glick, and what a pair of balls!

Yes, God bless Ms Glick. Ms. Glick presents the case for Israel as it should be made and with great strength and determination.

Caroline Glick ROCKS!

If Obama ever had a true debate or press conference, it would be fun to hand him a map of Israel and ask him to draw the 1967 borders which he so fervently supports.

He would, of course, angrily refuse and indicate drawing lines on a map would be beneath him. That’s because he has no idea where the border lines would actually go–he just knows that it sounds good to say a phrase that his friends constantly repeat.

1967 borders equals no security for Israel.