The Obama Administration has come up with another transparent stunt to attempt to paint the lackluster sequester doom as something other than the PR attempt that it was.

Obama announced he would give 5 percent of his salary to the Treasury, a move that has now been copied by four of his Cabinet members: John Kerry, Janet Napolitano, Chuck Hagel, and Jacob Lew.

Each of the Cabinet officials’ 5 percents will go to charities or foundations to support their staff. If you ask me what charities or foundations support government staffers, I cannot answer you.

Lefties, you know the ones who routinely say they’d pay more taxes if given the chance, are heralding the heroic move.

John Kerry’s 5% of his $183,500 salary comes out to $9,175. It turns out $9,175 out of his 2011 net worth of $184 million (wife Teresa is worth $1 billion) means that Kerry is essentially providing .00498 % of his net worth.

By all means.