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Boston curfew lifted, mass transit reopened, suspect still on the run

Boston curfew lifted, mass transit reopened, suspect still on the run

At a news conference at 6 p.m. the reopening of mass transit and the lift on the request for people to stay in their homes has been lifted.

There will be increased police patrols.

The suspect still is on the run.  No indication was given as to whether the police believe he has left Boston. The spokesman did say that the suspects ties all were in Massachusetts, and believe he is still in Massachusetts.


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I understand shutting down the few blocks around where these jagoffs where held up, but the entire city seems excessive. I’m afraid that this can be used as a blueprint for future attacks knowing that everything will come to halt and people will be told to cower indoors (most here with the lack of self protection given MA anti-gun nanny statist laws).

What happens if there’s coordinated attacks across the county at once by larger groups? Does the entire country shut down? Not criticizing here, just asking.

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Any recent word(s) from Elizabeth? She’s 1/32nd Chechen, you know..

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He’s in make-up in the MSNBC green room.

See how fast the police state can install martial law…er, “shelter in place”?

Spent all day chasing shadows, probably not even a thought to look in a mosque or two.

After all, why would they–they’re not muslims, they’re Chechens!!

Midwest Rhino | April 19, 2013 at 7:10 pm

sounds like they just got #2, hiding in a boat in a yard, under a cover. They opened the cover and 20 or so shots were fired … a cop told a FOX source (allegedly) that he was down.

Hope they didn’t kill him … need his info. Sounds like he was already wounded maybe.