One of the October highlights in San Diego is the MCAS Miramar Air Show.

My husband and son have a father/son day at the event, as they are both aviation enthusiasts.  My boy especially adores the Blue Angels, and loves to see them practice in the days leading up to the show.

In fact, one of Blake’s favorite books is: Being a Blue Angel: Every Kid’s Guide to the Blue Angels.

Sadly, the team has been grounded this year by sequestration.

Federal budget cuts have forced the U.S. Air Force to ground about a third of its active-duty force of combat planes and the U.S. Navy to cancel the rest of the popular Blue Angels aerobatic team’s 2013 season.

The Air Force has not yet released a list of the specific units and bases that would be affected on Tuesday, but it said it would cover fighters, bombers, and airborne warning and control aircraft in U.S., Europe, and the Pacific, according to CBS News.

The cuts, which automatically went into effect on March 1, will allow the Air Force to focus its budget on supporting major missions, like the war in Afghanistan, while other units stand down on a rotating basis, a top leader said.

I think the news would be less vexing if the President and First Lady made some sort of show of personal fiscal restraint. However, it seems the pair are hosting another star-studded concert at the White House.

Also, they are planning another ritzy getaway this summer at Martha’s Vineyard.

Meanwhile, regular Americans are having to tighten their vacation plans and trim their summer celebrations. For example, Fort Bragg has had an annual July 4th event that has been celebrated for more than 30 years, drawing about 50,000 civilian and military attendees.

July 4th at Fort Bragg has been cancelled.

My men are still planning to attend the show this year, but the Blue Angels will be missed. I guess when Obama said, “everyone must sacrifice“, he meant everyone else.


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