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Blue Angels Grounded By Sequestration

Blue Angels Grounded By Sequestration

One of the October highlights in San Diego is the MCAS Miramar Air Show.

My husband and son have a father/son day at the event, as they are both aviation enthusiasts.  My boy especially adores the Blue Angels, and loves to see them practice in the days leading up to the show.

In fact, one of Blake’s favorite books is: Being a Blue Angel: Every Kid’s Guide to the Blue Angels.

Sadly, the team has been grounded this year by sequestration.

Federal budget cuts have forced the U.S. Air Force to ground about a third of its active-duty force of combat planes and the U.S. Navy to cancel the rest of the popular Blue Angels aerobatic team’s 2013 season.

The Air Force has not yet released a list of the specific units and bases that would be affected on Tuesday, but it said it would cover fighters, bombers, and airborne warning and control aircraft in U.S., Europe, and the Pacific, according to CBS News.

The cuts, which automatically went into effect on March 1, will allow the Air Force to focus its budget on supporting major missions, like the war in Afghanistan, while other units stand down on a rotating basis, a top leader said.

I think the news would be less vexing if the President and First Lady made some sort of show of personal fiscal restraint. However, it seems the pair are hosting another star-studded concert at the White House.

Also, they are planning another ritzy getaway this summer at Martha’s Vineyard.

Meanwhile, regular Americans are having to tighten their vacation plans and trim their summer celebrations. For example, Fort Bragg has had an annual July 4th event that has been celebrated for more than 30 years, drawing about 50,000 civilian and military attendees.

July 4th at Fort Bragg has been cancelled.

My men are still planning to attend the show this year, but the Blue Angels will be missed. I guess when Obama said, “everyone must sacrifice“, he meant everyone else.


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Obama is an A Hole.

I like the Blue Angels, too. Sometimes when they come to our town for the 4th, they make practice turns around our small acreage. And President Obama’s priorities are wrong. But if we’re not willing to give up the Blue Angels in order to bring federal spending under control, we’re hopeless.

How about making up T-shirts with this message: “I Love the Blue Angels but will give them up to Bring Spending Under Control.” Once Americans start responding that way to the White House tour closings, etc., then Obama will have lost and our country will start winning again. Otherwise not.

Let’s ground Air Force One, instead. Obama can’t be elected again so there is no reason for him to campaign. He and his family can stay in DC and skip the vacations, golf outings, etc…

    turfmann in reply to Sanddog. | April 13, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Amen to that, brother.

    I’ll take it a step further – let’s zero out the White House budget entirely.

    Turn the effing lights off.

    Tell that traitor that if he wants to stay in Washington he can pitch a tent on the front lawn.

    And to think that we still have almost four years of this nonsense to go.

    Almost makes you think that we won’t make it, huh?

    I know that I’m about ready to get out my quill pen and parchment paper to write a new Declaration of Independence for the modern age.

He’s a total narcissistic clown! The most unimaginative, divisive, hypocritical, ignoramus, this country has ever scene!

Air shows are not a legitimate function of government. No one should be forced to pay a penny in taxes to buy you entertainment. A conservative should already know that.

I’m glad the Blue Angels are no longer being funded. It’s a sign that we may someday slow down and stop the national rush to bankruptcy.

    fulldroolcup in reply to kohath. | April 14, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Lavish White House parties are not a legitimate government expense. No one should force you to pay for lavish White House parties, lavish White House travel, lavish White House anything.

    I assume you agree with all of that.

    If so, I expect you will agree that Social Security, government social programs, medicare, and medicaid are all illegitimate federal government programs.

    Do you agree?

The Obamas and the Bidens have each already been on three family vacations so far in this term. They show no signs of slowing down the party.

Of course, the lapdog media that protested every round of golf Bush ever played (he stopped playing while we had troops in harm’s way) cannot be roused to notice the Louis XVI style of the current regime.

Why should the colossal prick change now? It isn’t like he’s been called on it by anybody he gives a rat’s ass about, anyway.

Its really hard to call this petulant man-child a tyrant. Tyrants have to rule over people who have the slightest clue they’re being screwed, and so far, well…you get where I’m going here.

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Separated at birth – kim no dong and princess barry?

It’s rumored that Fort Bragg is being renamed after our Glorious Leader.

Henceforth, it will be called Fort Braggart.