I subscribe to the view that barring something truly unforeseeable, the Democratic nomination in 2016 is Hillary’s for the taking. 

There is no second Barack Obama out there to take the nomination away from her. In fact, the non-Hillary Democratic bench is pathetically weak.

Hillary’s many controversies are mostly ancient history, and mostly the fault of her husband, and are unlikely to derail a general election bid.

Rather, Hillary’s weakness is her time as Secretary of State, an abysmal performance which has left us weaker internationally than ever before.  And foremost among her failures in her own right was Benghazi and the cover up to help Obama’s campaign.

That is why Democrats are fighting so hard to delay and defuse investigations into what happened and who knew what when.

It also is why the rise of a group of veterans seeking to focus attention on the cover-up is being fought with campaign tactics to demonize and marginalize the people rather than addressing the issues.

The investigations must continue … both because the public has a right to know, and because the truth may be the only thing standing in the way of Hillary 2016.


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