Not a big surprise, but when the well-monied Machine candidates win, and a rebel loses, it’s always a disappointment.

Robin Kelly won the Special Election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr. by a wide margin.

In other words, no real political change, another down the line Democratic party loyalist who will make absolutely no difference for the lives of people in the district.

Anne Leary of Backyard Conservative in Illinois summed it up pretty well.

Our own Anne was at Paul McKinley headquarters tonight, and wrote down these quotes from his speech:

“Today we are saying we have not been defeated. We have won. We have opened a door that nobody can shut”

“those who live in the shadow of the machine, we are putting you on notice. Every candidate of the machine, we will run someone against you. The machine doesn’t get a break no more.”

Paul McKinley Speech

Anne also witnessed some abominable behavior by Mike Flannery, the local reporter who has had it out for McKinley since day one. She’ll have more on that tomorrow.

Any regrets here for trying to help McKinley?

No. We do what we can, particularly when the Republican establishment runs away from someone with the guts to take on the Chicago Machine and its media sycophants.

Maybe this never was a winnable race, but it always was a race worth fighting.

Update 4-10-2013Bloomberg buys a congressional seat, with Republican and media help


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