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“Among the many other layers included in the Senate’s 1,500 page proposal”

“Among the many other layers included in the Senate’s 1,500 page proposal”

I already don’t like it if they have to say it in 1500 pages, undoubtedly to be followed by 15,000 pages of rules and regulations.

Which means the language has been loaded up to avoid it meaning what we think it means, with all sorts of things we will not figure out until after it is passed.

Capitol Hill set to tackle immigration reform:

The Senate is much closer to introducing a comprehensive immigration bill in the coming weeks and House members say they are not far behind.  “Under the best circumstances, we could possibly be voting in June or July on a measure,” said Congressman Jim Costa…

Among the many other layers included in the Senate’s 1,500 page proposal — border security tops the list.

Looks like Thursday might be the doc dump:

The Senate’s Gang of Eight is aiming to release comprehensive immigration reform legislation on Thursday of this week, according to Senate sources.

A member of the group said the bill is virtually complete and the plan is to roll it out Thursday although he warned it could slip into next week.

What possibly could go wrong?


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I kinda like the looks of that. It could take a lot of the (hot) air out of the “immigration” balloon.

They will not address displacement of American men, women, and children. They will not address the motivation of around one million people to leave their homes, including: corrupt governments, criminal cartels, and fanatical activists (e.g. environmental). Any immigration “reform” must address these issues or the people who propose it are simply corrupt.

Also, they may want to address the elective genocide (i.e. abortion) they promote in America, among other dysfunctional behaviors, which gives cause to “invite” tens of millions of aliens to replace Americans.

Here is my immigration reform bill: “NO!”

In the 1986 amnesty, the government estimated that 1.1 – 1.2 million illegal aliens would be eligible for amnesty. In actuality, more than 3 million, or over twice the official government estimate, ended up receiving amnesty.

The government now tells us that there are around 11 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. But what if their current estimates are as inaccurate as they were in 1986? What if the government’s estimates are even more inaccurate now than they were then? Are there any limits in the proposed law as to how many illegals may apply for/receive amnesty?

Also, after the 1986 amnesty, the government admitted that the process had been rife with fraud. Officials estimated that as many as 1/3 of the approved amnesty applications were based on applications supported by forged or fraudulent documents. The government said it was powerless to do anything about the fraud.

Why should we believe that it will be any different this time? There will be far more amnesty applications to process this time around, and it is far easier now than it was in the 1980’s to fabricate phony documents. DHS claims it can’t even afford to keep known illegal alien criminals incarcerated, yet we are supposed to believe that the cash-strapped DHS won’t have any problem finding enough money and personnel to verify the documentation supporting millions, or even tens of millions, of amnesty applications?

Immigration and Labour’s unforgivable betrayal of the British people

Who’s responsible in America?

The problem is several hold. One, there is disruption when immigration exceeds the rate of cultural assimilation. Two, there is corruption when immigration is illegal and unmeasured. Three, there is political, economic, and social displacement, especially of low-skilled and low-knowledge workers, students, etc.

And, of course, immigration without accountability serves to ignore, and therefore perpetuate, the causes of immigration, especially large-scale migration (e.g. cross-border).

24AheadDotCom | April 9, 2013 at 5:58 pm

1. Are there circumstances under which this site (or Jacobson himself) would compromise? Or, does this site and/or Jacobson himself intend to fight this all the way?

2. If the latter, what’s the action plan and how can I help?

(I’ve had my own plan for years and it would be devastatingly effective if I could get around 100 smart helpers. But, since I can’t do that I’m asking for this site’s plan.)

I guess it might be possible these pro immigration reform, spelled amnesty for illegals, are not corrupt; I mean, they could just be stupid.

Doug Wright | April 9, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Given the current state of this country and given that so-called senior Congressional members of the GOP are now telling us all that it’s wrong to filibuster senate acts, maybe it’s time for more direct acts of dislike, like not supporting those RINOS, or as they are in fact DIEBN, and support only those who are in fact Constitutional conservatives. Right now, for me at least, I can support either fiscal conservatives or social conservatives but none that adopt Socialist stances of any kind or flavor.

DIEBN: Democrat Party hacks in everything but name.

You’re right. 1500 pages is, in itself, evidence that the people working on it do not fully understand it.

This is why I object to Comprehensive ANYTHING reform.

If they have legislative language of 1500 pages in this short a time, you can bet your animal representing the democrats that Schumer’s staff has had the majority of this drafted for a long, long, time.


Howz ’bout simply enforcing current law??

Why must a song ‘n dance accompany everything that comes out of Congress???

Tired abused citizens wanna know…

Our government should adopt the same laws, rules and practices which the government of Mexico applies to those to come to live in Mexico, with or without legal permissions. No voting in Mexican elections, no naturalization (unless your mother was a Mexican citizen), no welfare, legally barred from employment in a number of jobs including no military service or political office, no ownership of real property, subject to arrest and deportation on the whim of the local and Federal authorities … yeah, that sounds about right and won’t take 1,500 pages and weeks of secret negotiations either.