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Wolfpack Pride

Wolfpack Pride

Hi Professor,

Apologies for not sending more frequently, but this one was too good to pass up.

She’s proud, but I’m ashamed….that she went to my alma mater (note the Wolfpack sticker to the far left)!!!

Thanks for continuing to build the content on this fine blog. It’s as ritualistic as my morning coffee and, most of the time, the folks I’ve recommended it to seem to be quick to share the stories among our circles.

Kind Regards,


Bumper Stickers - North Carolina - Proud

Come on Scott, cheer up, there are only four more years.

Stand and join me in the Wolfpack Fight Song:


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Maybe she means the president NC State University? Or the Wolfpack sticker was left from the previous owner.

Sorry Scottie boy… But the simple fact that your standing in the minority of non-dumbed down populace members entitles you to scorn, abuse and persecution.

My schoolin’ days are long passed and I’m fearful of showing my face everyday in ultra liberal Austin, Texas.

Sheeeyucks… Every time I return to my home state, (same as the perfessa’s), I go into stealth mode to avoid dection less I be sent in disgraced eternal exile.

Henry Hawkins | March 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm

I’m a NCSU alum as well. *sigh*


Think the owner of that car might be from Orange County Community college (AKA UNC)?

The Red and White song is nice, Professor. But us old alum (3 degrees) believe the NC State fight song is a version of the Artillery Song (you know, the one the Army stole).