Really, as much as I didn’t want to hear his name, Graeme Zielinksi was the perfect spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

A true reflection of the anti-Scott Walker politics practiced in Wisconsin:

After a couple of tweets on March 1 comparing Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer, Zielinski is out as spokesman although he’ll still be working for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Democratic Party staffer Graeme Zielinski dropped as spokesman after Twitter outburst:

Democratic Party staffer Graeme Zielinski was removed as the party spokesman following his Twitter outburst in which he compared Republican Gov. Scott Walker to serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, sources said Monday.

Party leaders also docked Zielinski a week’s pay – which works out to a little more than $1,000 – for his tweets after Milwaukee prosecutors announced that they were shutting down a secret criminal investigation of Walker’s aides.

Late Friday, Zielinski removed the offensive tweets and apologized both to the families of Dahmer’s victims and to the first-term Republican governor.

One source close to the party said Zielinski, a former newspaper reporter, will stay on with the state Democratic Party as a “media adviser.” He will, however, no longer be permitted to post on Twitter, where he has been prolific in recent years.

“He agreed,” said one source. “He’s aware of the mistakes he’s made.”

The source declined to say why officials decided to keep Zielinski on the party payroll.

This really is a shame. Now we’ll get some prettified (is that a word?) spokesperson putting out a smiling face.

I preferred the real face of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Graeme Zielinski:

Twitter - @gjzielinski - punch a republican


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