Matthew Knee, former LI contributor and now at TargetPoint Consulting, sent this infographic showing what people are saying on “the internet” about Obama the past two weeks.

It’s mostly negative sentiment on several of the most talked about issues (spending cuts, guns, drones, defense, taxes) and slightly positive on jobs and the economy. The big surprises for me were the “women” and “education” topics, which both were very talked about and negative.

The graphic below illustrates the top issues discussed in relation to President Obama over the last two weeks (March 1st-13th), sized by volume and shaded according to average sentiment. This incorporates all mentions from the main (overall) media source, which includes news media, social media (excluding Twitter), and general websites (including the blogosphere).

The greener the bubble, the more positive the issue; the redder the  bubble, the more negative.

Obama’s toughest issues were spending cuts, drones, guns, and assorted foreign policy concerns. The president’s most positive areas, on the other hand, centered around economic concerns and immigration.

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