Was traveling most of the day and then meetings.

I hear Syria has gone from worse to worser, and Egypt is not far behind.

By morning Eastern time we may know if Cyprus implodes financially.

Any good news?

Tomorrow night is the first night of Passover.  Seems like good timing this year.

Maybe worth pointing you to an old post, Passover Is No Time To Wish For The End Of Christian America:

Nothing has changed in thousands of years. They still rise up in every generation to destroy us, but this time the names are not Haman or Adolf, but Mahmoud and Osama. And on this earth, it will be Christian Americans almost alone who will stand with us.

I’m reminded of the bumper sticker from the 1960′s: “If you hate cops, next time you are in trouble call a hippie. ” Jews, of all people, should not wish too hard for The End of Christian America. There is no one else to call.

So particularly at this Passover time, we should not wish too hard for the End of Christian America. We might just get it.

And Jewish History In One Sentence:

“Quick synopsis of every Jewish holiday: They tried to kill us; we won; let’s eat.”

If I get the strength I’ll offer up some links, otherwise, unless there is BIG BREAKING NEWS, I’ll have to leave it up to you.

(Thanks to Anne, Leslie and David for helping out today.)


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