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Sequester The Songs

Sequester The Songs

These are pretty funny.

Via DailyRushbo:

I have a post scheduled for 7 a.m.

Will we make it that far?


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I thought the Skyfall song came from WMAL – was posted on its site at 10am today.

Those songs are absolutely hillarious. But no mention of PUPPIES dying, or dogs and cats living together!

At least the puppies are safe 🙂

Does this mean Obama will have to fly on Air Force Two?

And Michelle will only be able to wear $6000 dresses?

Is Obama up to three packs a day during this Sequester Season? Can the new Sequester Season become a yearly non-paid holiday for federal workers? Does Obamcare cover smokers?
Will cutting a minute percentage of the rate of spending cause our world to suddenly come crashing down?
Will Janet Reno ever be able to buy another leisure suit?

Let’s see if the sun comes up tomorrow without Obama flicking the “ON” switch.


The market rides on the first day of Sequestration…

At least the bunny inspectors are safe.

Out of the mouths of babes. I’m listening to Skyfall with my 5-year-old granddaughter. The vocalist is — I’m noting — exceptional; such a beautiful voice; I could listen to her for hours. And at the end, my granddaughter asks, “Did they capture him?” meaning the Obama one, of course.

It’s pretty sad when sleaze is satirized. And the only thing coming out of DC is sleaze pure and simple.

Never in my life have I seen the corruption, incompetence and arrogance of a pseudo monarch-in-chief like we see on a daily basis.

All of this came about by the lure of free stuff to a dumbed down public.

I’m not laughing…

Favorite line in ‘Skyfall’ @ 1:30

“Skyfall, Skyfall,
Tell the Dems to SHOVE IT,

Bah. Too much Obama

Let me get this straight. The consequences of sequestration will be fewer government bureaucrats at work, less money to spend on interfering with the lives of average citizens and reduced enforcement of intrusive regulations?

Thank you sir, may we have another?

I’ve been waiting for the plumber to get over here to fix a rusted out drain pipe under my kitchen sink. He was supposed to be here yesterday.

This sequestration is far worse than even I expected.

Henry Hawkins | March 2, 2013 at 11:29 am

Heh. Government came to a screeching halt and nobody noticed.