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Saturday Night Card Game, Part II (more on What’s White got to do with it?)

Saturday Night Card Game, Part II (more on What’s White got to do with it?)

The first ever Part II of a Saturday Night Card Game, following up on tonight’s Saturday Night Card Game.

I believe it’s become some sort of Syndrome.

Roland Martin Blames ‘White Male Executives’ for Never Getting His Own Show at CNN:

Roland Martin on Thursday blamed racism for his inability to get his own show at CNN.

“You have largely white male executives who are not necessarily enamored with the idea of having strong, confident minorities, who say, ‘You know, I can do this,'” he told HuffPostLive.

“I am simply saying ‘give folks a shot,” he added. “We deliver, but we never get the big piece, the larger salary, to be able to get from here to there.”

It gets worse, wait, what?

Politico is in the house!

POLITICO Reporter: LaPierre Is ‘Tired, Old White Guy That Is Clinging on to Something of the Past’


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I have two words for you, Roland. Don Lemon. Good day, sir.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 30, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I’m as burned out about hearing about race as I am gay marriage. It never ends. 24/7. If something happens to causes gun control to start polling well again, it will be unbearable: race, gay marriage and gun control non-stop.

I’m ready to tune them all out and just watch old movies on TCM. Forever.

    This is exactly what the progresives want. In tuning out, you ignore the tidbits of real information that leak out. You become uninformed. Better to actively search for information, and CONFRONT YOUR LOCAL CITY COUNCILS AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES. End the madness at it’s roots.

    Btw, supporting TCM is supporting Ted Turner, which provides him money to support Gay Marriage, Gun Control, and whatever else globalist progressives do.

    For tuning out, I highly recommend the “free” streaming video from Amazon Prime. They have over 3,000 movies available, as well as hundreds of old TV shows that you can stream over the internet. The wife and I have watched every Star Trek episode ever made, and are now into “The Shield” – all for free. We live in the country and signed up for Amazon Prime in order to get free two day shipping; Buying online saves us a lot of gasoline driving 30 miles into town and back; The free streaming video was just a bonus. Also, you’ll have to purchase a Roku box (or similar) which connects your TV via Wi-Fi to your computer and the Internet. Signing up might even benefit the Professor if you do it via his Amazon link (not sure).

      Bruno Lesky in reply to snopercod. | March 31, 2013 at 10:27 am

      On Amazon Prime you can also see the Firing Line / William F. Buckley TV shows.

      I recommend the strange, entertaining discussion on the topic of hippies with guests Jack Kerouac, Ed Sanders (of the Fugs) and a sociologist.

    Or, stop paying $75/month for Comcast TV and sign on to Netflix, Roku or Hulu for $8/month. Why support a left leaning Comcast who takes your money and bankrolls NBC/MSNBC/OBAMA.

    I get TCM with DISH and I’ve been enjoying it. The way I look at it, at least Ted Turner did something right.

The first victim of progress was reason, which was replaced with a peculiar greed.

That said, is it a new revenue cycle already? It seems like just yesterday when they were exploiting differentials and gradients to advance their political, economic, and social standing.

Whoa, does that mean my point of view is irrelevant cuz I’m an old tired white guy or cuz I’m more conservative than Attila the Hun Tribal Leader or cuz I and my ancestors were not down for the struggle once they settled down in East Anglia? Whoa, in that case, I’m going to take my baseball and go home.

OTOH: Since I no longer watch sports nor ever watch CNN or the Alphabet soup broadcast networks, it doesn’t matter.

Blog me up Scotty.

It’s important we preserve these videos if ever aliens land on earth and request an example of human garbage.

Mister Natural | March 31, 2013 at 6:08 am

rest assured folks it’s always gonna be the white man’s fault

Uh oh it looks as if the inter-tribal progressive war is about to begin. Gotta get me some popcorn. This will be a bumpy ride.

Roland is angry at white men for blocking his shot at his own show. Maybe the problem is white democrats, they do have a history of racism.

It is astounding to observe how much racism the “Great Uniter” her fostered since being elected.

Maybe he is the Affirmative Action president in more ways than one…

Ah, Roland played the “strong black man” card. He borrowed a page from his sister’s book cuz the usual line is “strong black woman” who doesn’t need a man to help her raise her kid. Yeah, Roland, you go, boy! All those white bread CNN execs must shiver in their shoes when they see a brotha of your strength coming along. Uh huh.

Well let’s all go to CNN and suggest they develop a show for Dr. Ben Carson and see what Roland Martin would have to say about that!