San Francisco city supervisor David Campos is making good on his campaign promise to go after “right-wing extremists,” reportedly proposing legislation Tuesday to increase the anti-free speech “bubble zone” around Planned Parenthood to 25 feet.

Campos’s website describes exactly who he is trying to attack: “right-wing extremists”:

David is working closely with women’s health providers to devise legislation to stop harassment of clinic patients by right-wing extremists.

Campos, whose twitter feed appears largely dedicated to his efforts to rename San Francisco Airport for gay politician Harvey Milk, has been a fan of abortion-provider Planned Parenthood for quite some time. He highlighted a Planned Parenthood worker’s endorsement on his campaign website, an endorsement he also tweeted. The endorsement reads, in part:

For staff, it’s hard to “maintain the cool” every day with protesters set up shop outside. For our patients, the harassment is particularly hard. We’ll never know how many people don’t come in the door because of what these people will make them endure.

We reached out to Supervisor Campos right away. He helped us through the whole process of setting up a barrier zone between the protestors and the front door, so our patients can access our services. His office has been amazing, and still check in with us to see how we’re doing. Through David’s work, I can do mine too.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

….Campos said he expected legal challenges, but noted that attempts to fight other buffer-zone laws have failed. In Boston, a federal appeals court upheld a 35-foot zone around reproductive health clinics in January, ruling that “the right of the state to take reasonable steps to ensure the safe passage of persons wishing to enter health care facilities cannot seriously be questioned.”