Politichicks TV interviewed Paul McKinley a few weeks ago at CPAC, and have just published the video. McKinley didn’t hold back, covering everything from the gun ban to New York’s Bloomberg and his attempts to buy the election. “They’re using the violence to say that they want a gun ban, but when are we going to have, Mr. President, a corruption ban in the city of Chicago,” said McKinley.

One of McKinley’s core points is the truth that Democrats cannot acknowledge, that it is impossible to blame Republicans or the Tea Party for the devastation of the community. They haven’t been in power for 60 years. He also reiterated that he’s a conservative, and won’t bend on principle, saying “We’re too far in the middle now, and every time you move to the middle, you find yourself in their aisle.”

Politichicks took note of a few of his McKinley-isms below the video, although they didn’t mention my favorite, that he’s running for the “Broke, Busted, and Disgusted.”