His wisdom and qualifications are at the top of the list.

The fact that his nomination will reveal the vile underbelly of the Democratic Party race-card machine is an added bonus.

From Nolan Finley in The Detroit News, Detroit native Carson could break barriers in Senate race (emphasis added):

Dr. Ben Carson is a Black History month staple. Each February, schoolchildren  hear the story of the impoverished African-American boy from Detroit, a  struggling student whose mother made him read two books a week until he bloomed  into a scholar.

Leaving Detroit for Yale, Carson eventually found his way to John Hopkins,  where he became one of the world’s most preeminent neurosurgeons, gaining  international acclaim in 1987 for performing the first separation of twins  conjoined at the head. He is held as an African-American hero.

But some are calling him a token, an Uncle Tom, a traitor to his race.  Why?

Because he came out of the closet. As a conservative. Maybe even a  Republican. And African Americans aren’t allowed to be Republican and keep full  membership in their race.

The furor over Carson’s politics began in February, when he was invited to  speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The doctor told an audience that included President Barack Obama that the  president’s policies are hindering economic growth and opportunity in  America.

Liberals screamed that Carson was parroting right-wing talking points and  disrespecting the president.

Social networks lit up with  diatribes against Carson, calling him a “house negro” and worse.

How much longer can the Democratic Party race-card charade continue?

Dr. Ben will not change the nature of the beast, but he will expose it once again.