Very strange.

Local police are quoted as saying they have identified two students possibly connected to the rash of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay writings on campus, but were uncertain as to their motives.

As detailed yesterday, the Oberlin administration is not willing to talk about it, to the point of being unwilling to confirm or deny that it was a hoax or whether racism was the motive.

And surprisingly, the names and motives have not leaked out yet (at least not that I have been able to find).

Oberlin, despite the campus having devolved into an online spitting war, is keeping those secrets pretty well covered.

The Oberlin student newspaper indicates the hunt for the perpetrators continues, which would be contrary to what the police have said:

Mounting circumstantial evidence — including timestamps, common IP addresses, mimicked content and online accounts analyzed by the Review, as well as interviews with confidential sources — strongly suggests a link between hate speech appearing on anonymous Oberlin online forums and incidents of written hate speech on campus.

Michelle Malkin has her theory, which would be consistent with a line of cases we have seen on college campuses:

Update 3-8-2013: Oberlin College asks FBI to investigate possible racial incidents on campus. It’s unclear whether this request was a result of prior incidents, or a reported new round of threats after the story broke in the national news, or both.


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