The Obama Administration puts up a forest of shiny objects that can make important developments hard to see.

While  Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney stresses over who-did-what on the cancellation of White House tours, conservative firebrand Tammy Bruce has been sounding the alarm on some developments in Asia that may have far greater impact on Americans.

For example, China and Japan are clashing over islands:

Since 2010, either by mishap or design, Tokyo and Beijing have escalated a confrontation over ownership of the uninhabited Senkaku islands (known in China as the Diaoyu islands). What has largely been forgotten is that the two Asian giants were talking only a few years ago about joint exploration of potential oil wealth in the South China Sea. They played down the issue of sovereignty in favor of common economic goals.

A newly enriched China is building up its military, filled with young men with few distractions in the wake of China’s “one child” policy that has left the country short of young women. Also, the last time Japan clashed with China, it really didn’t end well for either country.

And that is just the tip of the ice-berg, in terms of chilling global news.

San Diego pundit and military expert Barry Jacobsen weighs in on the noticeable absence of the President, in terms of meaningful participation in foreign policy: American Foreign Policy is Rudderless in Age of Obama.

North Korea, at once the most heavily armed and least stable country in the world, tears up the 1953 Armistice with its democratic (American ally) to the south. This, following years of military and political provocations; including the sinking a South Korean naval vessel by a North Korean submarine in March of 2010.

….In Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of 9/11 last year,  militants with links to al Qaeda attacked the American Consulate. During an 8 hour siege, five Americans were killed; including Ambassador Chris Stevens, the first of our Ambassadors to be so murdered in decades.

….China routinely makes cyber attacks upon our military and civilian computers, hacking and stealing information; some of which has deep national security implications (such as our Top Secret military technology).

…In February two Russian bombers, armed with nuclear weapons, flew into American airspace and over the Island of Guam. They withdrew before scrambled American jet fighters could intercept them. This is widely seen as another example of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin reasserting his countries global power and traditional confrontational stance toward the United States.

…It seems that the Obama administration’s answer to difficult foreign policy challenges is to largely ignore them and hope they go unnoticed.  Its an ostrich strategy: burying ones head in the sand, refusing to look at a threat rather than dealing with it.

As the Middle East burns and Asia smolders Americans wonder where is the President. Foreign policy in the Obama Age seems rudderless, as the President spends his time playing golf and politics rather than his job as Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World. In his second term it is increasingly a “Where’s Waldo” presidency, with Obama nowhere to be seen on foreign policy.

This is a truly staggering list of serious problems.


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