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NY Mag film critic tweets phony anti-Palin Thatcher story (Update – tweet removed)

NY Mag film critic tweets phony anti-Palin Thatcher story (Update – tweet removed)

Some myths live on regardless of the facts, and when it comes to Sarah Palin, they live on with a fury.

Palin’s speech at CPAC today set off a tirade by a film critic for New York Magazine Bilge Ebiri:

And he tweeted a quote supposedly attributing to Margaret Thatcher a refusal to meet Palin because Palin is “nuts” [note – since tweet now removed, it will not show up as normal Twitter embed]:

I don’t respond to most anti-Palin hysteria, but this looked familiar.

The story was false, as I wrote on June 14, 2011, So Now All These People Will Apologize To Sarah Palin About Margaret Thatcher, Right?:

A week ago The Guardian reported that Margaret Thatcher was refusing to meet with Sarah Palin, attributing a quote to an “ally” of Thatcher as follows:

Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.

The blogosphere, including some conservative and libertarian haters of Palin, erupted in joy, with loads of snark and derision directed at Palin.

It turns out that the Guardian story was a hoax, as reported by Nile Gardiner:

I have spoken to Lady Thatcher’s Private Office regarding the story, and they confirm that the attack on Sarah Palin definitely did not come from her office, and in no way reflects her views. As a former aide to Margaret Thatcher myself, I can attest that this kind of thinking is entirely alien to her, and that such remarks would never be made by her office. She has always warmly welcomed like-minded figures in the United States, and has in the past met with numerous US presidential candidates and political dignitaries when they have visited London. But at the age of 85 she is now able to receive very few visitors at all.

There was never any snub of Sarah Palin by Lady Thatcher’s office. However, there has been a great deal of mischief-making and unpleasantness from sections of the liberal press in a vain and futile attempt to use Margaret Thatcher’s name to smear a major US politician.

A reader at Gateway Pundit confirmed a similar denial from The Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

I can’t say I’m surprised Ebiri was misinformed, since the Thatcher quote remains widely cited despite the truth.

I repeatedly tweeted Ebiri informing him it was a hoax and he should withdraw the quote:

So far, no response, even though he has sent out other tweets since I called this to his attention.



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I hope you’re sitting in a comfortable chair Professor, because you will have a long wait. Meanwhile, this was posted elsewhere and has been reposted and should be on twitter by now. Enjoy.

Sarah Palin and the Statute of Liberty
john.frank on March 16, 2013 at 6:32 PM

Hope the link works

BannedbytheGuardian | March 16, 2013 at 8:00 pm

It is rather rude to migrate to the USA & insult & swear at a native born.

But then again he is a British Muslim – check his shoes!

His name is very appropriate for the type of sentiment he expresses.

Bilge Ebiri. Kinda though that was a nom de plume stinko BUT he’s a REAL asshat.

Merriam-Webster: Bilge-Noun definition #3: stale or worthless remarks or ideas.

Perfect fit, no senors, senoras senoritas???

BannedbytheGuardian | March 16, 2013 at 8:22 pm

Palin hater Retire 05 is at it again all over the web.

If anyone as a disqus account go & beat him up . Last seen at Breitbart but he should turn up at Gateway soon.

    So, one website is not “all over the web?” Is that because you are incapable of reading more than one site so your world is small?

    I noticed you didn’t quote where I said I would support, with cash, a campaign by Sarah Palin. Why is that? So you can get others to join in your gangbanging?

    Like I said at Breitbart; I don’t hate Sarah Palin. I think her politics are great. She just needs to fish or cut bait and stop being another talking head.

    Why did you feel the need to lie?

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to retire05. | March 17, 2013 at 12:05 am

      . Your personal hurt at something Palin did to upset you has sent you into famed PDSer Caribou Barbie territory.

      I think it sprung from Palin not endorsing Rick Perry . You should be happy she wore the boots that Rick gave her to podium with Cruz. Those boots were made for campaigning .

      Oh blah blade – you used to support hr & eve gave money but then she let you down . Boo hoo.

      Your biggest offence is to continually call SP a Quitter – as you again did today at Breitbart.

      But thanks for coming back – I am happy to beat you up myself . Anytime .

        “Your personal hurt?” Wow, too funny. Palin didn’t hurt me. I’m not Alaskan.

        Yeah, she wore the boots Rick Perry has specially made for her. Then she stabbed him in the back on Van Sustern’s show. But hey, that’s politics, and she is a player.

        As to you beating me up, not a chance. You don’t have what it takes. And since you are such a Palin groupie, perhaps you would like to tell me exactly what it is she has accomplished in the last 4 1/2 years? Except to throw red meat to hungry lions. Please, don’t give me some bull about all her “picks.” If she is so great, and have so much influence, what happened in 2012? Why couldn’t she help turn the Senate Republican? If she is so powerful, that she pulled Ted Cruz across the finish line, why couldn’t she do that for McCain? Maybe you want to be part of the cheering squad, but I’d rather be on the team.

        Sarah Palin is a good woman. Her talents are being wasted. Why doesn’t she run for Congress, or the Senate? Or is it just easier not to? If she wants to stick her thumb in the eye of the left, how better to do it than be in D.C. where she CAN make a difference? But you see, it is people like you, who are star struck, that hurt her, not help her. You’re like the Ron Paul adoring that make him look even worse than he really was.

        Oh, and to what I say about Sarah Palin, how she needs to fish or cut bait, well, there’s that whole First Amendment thingie. Idol worship all you want, just don’t expect everyone to.

    “If anyone as a disqus account go & beat him up .”

    Yeah, that’s the conservative way, isn’t it? Advocating violence against someone.

LukeHandCool | March 16, 2013 at 8:23 pm

“If Sarah Palin didn’t exist, some sick, sadistic fuck would have had to invent her.”

Tsk tsk. Urban, supposedly sophisticated Man of Letters reveals complete lack of class. Yuck. Gross. Turn off.

LukeHandCool (who thinks it’s the height of creepy narcissism when a snobby film critic references himself in the third person while thinking he can clearly see a former Alaskan governor through the paranoid leftist lens from his house in New York. Yep, that’s what Luke thinks)

Bilge Ebiri is the “sick, sadistic f who invented his version of Palin, which is entirely different than the real Palin. He needs to be put on meds asap.

LukeHandCool | March 16, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Bilge Ebiri does exist. So a team of sick, sadistic fucks have the night off from inventing.

LukeHandCool (who will not be tweeting bilge. That would be belittling for Luke. Bilge is, well, bilge. And nuts)

So much for the integrity of the fourth estate. They now pose simple assertions as what, fact? They are part of the nit-Twitter revolution.

This may help them to evolve:

When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.

There are other quality insights into the human condition, and reality generally, at the source.

LukeHandCool | March 16, 2013 at 9:04 pm

After the suspenseful buildup, I found the character who played the heroic film critic folding like a cheap suit when challenged in the end to be rather anticlimactic.

Bilge Ebiri or Bilge Pump? I’ll take the latter please.

Honestly, Professor, why dignify a completely unknown, two-bit scribbler like this guy with a response? His tweet tells anyone who bathes regularly enough to know they don’t need to know more. Your response just gets gets him some cheap publicity.

Contrast his case with that of E. Warren. She was a candidate for the U.S. Senate and knew that sooner or later she was going to have to respond to her serious detractors, and she knew you were one. In the long run, when she had no where to go, she just ignored the questions, but the damage had been done. Elected or not, she will always be best known and remembered as the cheap, self promoting, dishonest manipulator she is.

Bilge? (Can’t resist, though he’s undoubtedly heard them all before.) Either there’s a bit of “A Boy Named Sue” thinking in that (with all due respects to the late, great Johnny Cash) or Mr. and Mrs. Ebiri didn’t think much of him.

    Not A Member of Any Organized Political in reply to Owego. | March 17, 2013 at 3:02 am

    Bilge is a BULLY.

    How big do you let a BULLY grow before you take them seriously?

    BULLIES have to be nipped in the bud.

Only someone who hates Lady Thatcher would have attributed such a nasty snub to her. I never believed for a second that the grocer’s daughter who made a weighty life for herself harbored any disrespect for the small-town girl who went from school board to mayor to governor by carrying out her responsibilities with courage and seriousness.

This again? Really? How uninformed are these dupes?

What a remarkably apropos name: Bilge. Indeed. What else can Bilge be or say but nonsense?!

If the left didn’t have lies and slander, they’d have nothing at all. We to elbow them — as sharply as necessary — out of our lives.

Bilge Ebiri ‏@BilgeEbiri

Palinites want me to point out that the Thatcher quote isn’t real. It isn’t. I just happen to like it.
“Bilge Ebiri molests little kids and animals”. This isn’t true but I just happen to like the quote.

A “NY Mag film critic…” So here’s a guy who lives in Disneyland and writes about what he sees and what he does not see in that world. Goofy if you ask me and very Mickey Mouse.

does wordpress have a report comment function like disqus does?

Named after the first word out of the doctor’s mouth when the head popped out.

huskers-for-palin | March 17, 2013 at 11:10 am

For someone so “irrelevant” the gutter tripe sure does make an effort to go on these sites (and others) to trash talk Palin.

Some are just malcontents who want attention

Some are PAID henchmen whose job is to hi-jack threads

Some can’t stand the idea of woman being a leader

Some are supporters of other candidates reading talking points

Others just don’t like Palin (for a variety of reasons) and feel that their opinion is more important than others. Either that or their tact circuitry shorted out a long time ago.

Mittbots who blame Palin for not “getting with the program”.

These people are really sick. I get why liberals hate Sarah Palin, but what I don’t get is why some conservatives are afflicted with Palin derangement syndrome.

Henry Hawkins | March 17, 2013 at 5:27 pm

I’d love to know how many net libs are personally indifferent to Palin, but pretend outrage and fake the animosity just to be one of the cool kids.

So mental midget Bilge likes something that was not actually said but he still considers it a “quote.”

He just makes it up and then pretends it is real. What a said little man.

sad, not said.