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Not completely insane Brown U. Week at College Insurrection

Not completely insane Brown U. Week at College Insurrection

It was not complete and total insanity at Brown this week:

which is not to say it wasn’t incompletely and partially insane at Brown this week:

Elsewhere, animals:

and bull:

and now we juxtapose:

Leslie ranted:


[BTW — are you checking College Insurrection daily? There’s a lot more about what’s happening on campuses than in these weekly link posts.]


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Juba Doobai! | March 16, 2013 at 9:52 am

Burnt bras = sagging tits.

What woman in her right mind would put up with sagging tits so universities would indulge in drivel like sex week?

BannedbytheGuardian | March 16, 2013 at 9:57 am

At least Sandra Fluke hit 31 & finally graduated. She was so f**kin old the stylists put friggin pearls round her neck..

There has been no successor .Bridgette from Fordham made a stab at fame but faded. Catholic girls learn far too late.

Otherwise another Spring break & no Einstein has emerged. Another 74 billion wasted .ho hum.

With a plethora of academic insanity presented to us, can anyone tell me why the argument “young people support gay marriage therefore Conservatism MUST embrace gay marriage” can be considered valid and reasonable?

Inbred-Intellectualism has pro-created untruths sustained only by a group-think psychosis.

When the college campus is diverse in everything but thought then truth becomes the abnormal.

Why am I forced to pay taxes to support America’s universities and colleges?

All they need to do is teach biology and risk management. Well, that, and explain the difference between science and philosophy, principally the difference between articles of faith (e.g. description of human origin) and objective imperatives (e.g. evolutionary principles). It would also help to explain that liberty is only possible for individuals capable of self-moderating behavior. A rational comprehension of reality should follow.

That said, how did our ancestors manage to successfully negotiate the challenges of life, before the arrival of self-declared experts, advocates, activists, and organizers? It seems that individual dignity was the first victim of juvenile progress.

– – –
The atheist professor is a moron. A human being is in a state of evolution (i.e. chaotic development) from conception to grave. The form we observe outside of the womb does not exist in isolation from its progenitor form. Elective abortion is without qualification the premeditated murder of a human being, which our laws expressly proscribe from “creation”, and only permit with cause and following due process under the equal protection of the law. The atheist professor is arguing to justify elective abortion (i.e. premeditated murder) from conception to grave.

– – –
It’s ironic that the anti-bully campaign is run by the federal government. It is, however, clear that manipulation of perception provides cover for their other unsavory tactics, including: denigration of individual dignity, devaluation of human life, arming criminal cartels to murder Mexicans and Americans, and bullying, among their other activities. It is the same sleight-of-hand typically practiced by celebrities in order to recover their reputations, or despots to appease their subjugated population.

– – –
The conception of “white privilege” is at odds with reality. How do they manage to perpetrate this fraud without consequence? Do they study beyond the basic requirements? Are they employed in jobs “that Americans will not do” when they are unqualified, or when necessary to avoid defrauding producers and providers, including their own parents?

It’s interesting to note that the greatest disparities exist in Democrat-controlled domains, especially in overpopulated metropolises, where the occurrence of indigence and crime (i.e. involuntary exploitation) is progressive.

– – –
Burn the bra! Expose your breasts! You are a sex object. The focus should be directed accordingly.

Don’t look or I will sue!

Women should be made available for sex, taxation, and exploited for democratic leverage.

Don’t you believe in evolution? However, evolutionary principles are inconvenient and serve to harsh my mellow, which is why they are subject to selective (i.e. liberal) interpretation and application.

Academics should by law be required to leave the rarefied atmosphere of their ivory towers. There is a progressive dysfunction, and perhaps approaching a convergence, which can only be attributed to oxygen deprivation.