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Man pulls bodyguard’s gun on burglars, guess who’s facing prison time

Man pulls bodyguard’s gun on burglars, guess who’s facing prison time

The Linen King’s home is not his castle

From The NY Post, ‘Linen King’ could get three years for illegal gun:

Prosecutors today said they will recommend no less than a three-year sentence for Bardwil — owner of Bardwil Home, the country’s biggest table-linen company — for possessing an illegal gun in his E. 51st Street apartment in January.

Bardwil is fighting the gun possession charge. The gun, a loaded, .40 cal Sig Sauer, was legally registered to Bardwil’s bodyguard, who had left it in a secure box in the apartment, argues defense lawyer Michael Bachner.

Security footage from inside the posh, Turtle Bay pad shows Bardwil pointing the gun at an attempted burglar, the lawyer told The Post. Bardwil was arrested for the gun after he called 911 to report the burglary, and showed them the surveillance footage of himself pointing the gun at the retreating thief, who was later arrested himself.

“There’s no dispute that George was bing burglarized,” the lawyer said after Bardwil pleaded not guilty to felony gun possession this morning in Manhattan Supreme Court. “George had been the victim of multiple burglaries, and the DA’s office concedes that it was used in self defense.”

Bardwil, 60, is still facing assault charges for allegedly pummeling his beautiful ex-wife, Emiko, 26, during an argument at the apartment in May. He remains free on $250,000 bail. The ex needed multiple staples to close a gash from her head hitting the sidewalk outside the apartment; Bardwil is claiming she just fell.

He’s not the most sympathetic character, as he’s out on bail for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife, but there’s no doubt that in this instance he was acting in self-defense.

Why would Bardwil do such a thing?  Maybe he has a negative history with burglars:

Eccentric multimillionaire George Bardwil was held up in a terrifying — and cunningly calculated — home invasion pulled off by a gun-toting thug and his menacing sidekick at Bardwil’s posh Turtle Bay pad Monday afternoon, cops said yesterday.

“I was with a couple friends. There was a buzz at the door. I assumed it was somebody I knew,” Bardwil told The Post in a blow-by-blow account of the 2:45 p.m. robbery at his first-floor apartment on East 51st Street near Second Avenue, where the creeps swiped $300,000 worth of designer watches, diamond jewelry and cash.

Three men were arrested in that prior robbery.


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I guess you can only defend yourself if you’re not an “unsympathetic character”. Yeah, the guy’s a “dick” but even “dicks” have a right to defend their lives. Bizarro world indeed.

I still don’t understand why anyone lives in the Northeast.

Occupied Territory | March 17, 2013 at 9:34 am

Looks like this is why we have jury nullification, if that’s what it’s called. If this gets to jury, hopefully they’ll do the right thing and override the state.

Freddie Sykes | March 17, 2013 at 9:42 am

When Mr I-Won-derful was a lowly state senator, a bill was introduced to not charge people who defended themselves in their homes with a firearm that was illegal under local ordinance, he voted against it. He felt that the fact that a person actually needed something for his family’s safety was no excuse for violating the law.

This level of madness cannot go on. At least this man has the means to mount a good defense. Think of what it would be like for a contractor or self-employed hairdresser.

Dear Mr.Bardwil: You might want to move here to Florida, sir. See, not only is ‘personal-safety firearm ownership’ encouraged, but the police responding to the burglary would have shook your hand if you’d killed the armed invader. We LOVE that reasoned response here. Follow Me: Bad guy invades home to steal stuff and(maybe)endanger folks and gets his nasty self filled with bullet holes? Here in Florida we LOVE justice like that and so do our policemen.

One cautionary note, Mr.B: IF(and I’m only saying IF..)you were brutalizing your 26-yr old(WTF were you thinking??), we might also encourage her to apply some of that justice as well…Hey, just sayin’…(-:

Noun 1. asininity – the quality of being asinine; stupidity combined with stubbornness folly, foolishness, unwiseness – the trait of acting stupidly or rashly.

With the exception of the burglars/robbers/*criminals, this includes the parties involved. The nation just can’t wait until the Bloomberg/Cuomo ticket is announced (or is that the Cuomo/Bloomberg ticket) for 2016.

*Bardwil himself if convicted.

Want to have fun with a liberal? Hit them with this …
What does the Obama administration think is the correct course of action to take when a government abuses it’s powers, like in Libya and Syria? Why, to arm the citizen rebel groups of course! So … why again is it crazy for conservatives to say that citizens should be armed to PREVENT government abuse of power ?

The case shouldn’t get to a jury. We’re now something like 5 years from Heller and a few year from McDonald. There’s a growing number of lawyers developing expertise in the 2nd Amendment, who would have a fair shot at getting the case dismissed pre-trial. Theoretically, New York City does not ban handgun possession in one’s the home (as Chicago did before McDonald), but in practice, getting a such a license requires the applicant to be politically connected, i.e., a friend of Bloomie. Thus, NYC prohibits most citizens from bearing arms within their own homes, which McDonald tells us is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Why do journalists insist on creating associations between two unrelated incidents. Does the alleged assault on his beautiful ex-wife establish motive for mounting an armed resistance to burglars?

Henry Hawkins | March 17, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Is there a prosecutor in the LI crowd? Sounds to me like the DA might use the weapon charge as leverage for the earlier domestic violence charge.

As a police officer who has worked with prosecutors for a generation, I can say that this guy is most definitely being targeted because of his prior escape from the law. You have to understand how political and how motivated some prosecutors are. Some are great guys and gals who understand their place in the system, others are angry arrogant as***les who think the law is their personal sword they wield against their personal dragons and windmills.

That said, this is New York, and that whole city and now state are anti-gun zealots. There have been a large number of regular people who defended themselves with firearms charged with possessing one illegally. And were convicted AND went to prison! They really do believe in their hearts and minds that people should not own a gun.

I’ve dealt with cops who transferred down to Florida from New York. They all love guns but really had a hard transition when dealing with “other people” owning them. I’ve witnessed ex NYPD guys literally walk around a house that had a gun collection with their mouths agape wondering out loud why people had so many. It blew their minds.

And almost to a man/woman, regardless of their initial shock they would end up owning that black rifle and a couple of pistols at least. They realized owning guns was fun and an actually Constitutional right!

Being from New York is like being poisoned slowly over your lifetime by an unseen gas. The only remedy is to get the heck out of there.

Even here in Texas, Bardwil’s case could get him into trouble considering the pending assault charge.

OTOH, home invasion here is a lot less likely to be prosecuted except in heavily liberal Austin and other liberal/progressive strongholds.

It is important to keep one’s nose clean…

This guy must have paid a fortune in taxes over the years to the city, county, and state and repeatedly gets burglarized. I bet he voted for obama. Choosing to live in New York is evidence of a psychosis.

[…] Man pulls bodyguard’s gun on burglars, guess who’s facing prison time The Linen King’s home is not his castle […]