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It’s a shame Dr. Ben Carson even needs to respond to the likes of Touré

It’s a shame Dr. Ben Carson even needs to respond to the likes of Touré

Touré Neblett has built his career with the worst race card baiting, directed at conservatives and the Tea Party in general, and black conservatives in particular.

Now Touré is targeting Dr. Ben Carson.

It’s a shame that someone with the accomplishments of Dr. Carson even needs to respond to people like Touré.  But that’s the reality.

Dr. Carson responded it quite well.

Via Mediaite:


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Dr. Carson flushed.

Henry Hawkins | March 26, 2013 at 7:55 pm

While Toure lives no strawman is safe.

Touré Neblett is the pundit equivalent of a shock jock. He says outrageous things to get attention.

All one needs to do is compare their accomplishments. Toure Neblett vs. Ben Carson? No contest.


“He is probably the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth”

Uhh say Greg, Mr. Greg Gutfeld sir, me thinks you can add this smirky Black racist to that list.

He of one name, as has been stated, the head and face are not uhh, proportionally balanced. That could be fixed, wonder if he knows that?

A new disease: Touré’s Syndrome. (But this one is moral, not neurological.)

The differences between Dr. Carson and Obama are stark.

That Touré Neblett sees Obama as the better man speaks volumes.

Nailed It! “Third Grade Playground”.

This IS a man, a REAL MAN..

Toure is a joke. He needs to be laughed at, with fingers pointing.

Dr. Carson is a truth teller.

There is nothing more fearsome than the likely confrontation of success in kind and Dr. Carson illustrates this in a clear no nonsense manner.

He obviously came from the same environment that Herman Cain, Allen West and others who were encourage to leave the “plantation.”

Hopefully we’ll see more of these folks to stand up for success instead of handouts…

If you’re willing to sell your soul, make an ass of yourself and carry their polluted water, the Democrat media will put you on tv.

Just ask Megan McCain.

Touré Neblett’s career is based on lying and verbal trickery. His goal is always to out-talk his opponent, not debate them on any facts. Oh, and to throw in a smattering of ridicule and insults along the way.

Dr. Ben Carson cuts peoples’ heads open and pokes around in their brains for a living. When he’s finished his patients are often better than they were before he opened them up.

So Mr. Touré has definitely earned the right to talk down to Dr. Carson. Right.

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Good answer by Carson.

I dislike Touré Neblett without regard to “race”. He’s an ass.

(P.S. If one looks at Touré’s bio, it becomes really clear who the “black friend” is: Neblett grew up in a predominantly white Massachusetts community, went to a prestigious predominantly white prep school and then college, and now apparently continues to enjoy validating white liberals as their token black-powah big mouth.)

    Juba Doobai! in reply to janitor. | March 27, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Is he a mulatto? If he is, then he could, like Obama, be his own black friend.

      janitor in reply to Juba Doobai!. | March 27, 2013 at 9:02 am

      I have no idea, except to glean that he’s got “issues” from somewhere. His family bio is pretty vague. Father died before he was born. Not many details. He dropped out of Emory. Then (without a degree?) apparently attended COlumbia grad school for a short while before commencing to write fiction. Most of his writing whether as “journalist” or short story writer seems to harp on a black culture theme.

“If you’re willing to sell your soul…”

Well, that’s the Hollywood Left in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Touré is pretty much the House negro lauding the Plantation and the kindness of his Master while dissing the ingratitude of free blacks like Carson.

Is anyone surprised that the world class neurosurgeon pioneer can out “intellect” a pathetic undereducated college dropout journolista?
Anyone who is acquainted with or knows Dr. Carson is very aware that he is a MAN who knows his God and his own value yet remains humble about his life.
There is no “dirt” for the lamestream media to find on this man. They’ll have to make it all up. Kudos, Dr. Carson

Just for fun, Google “Is Touré” and let Google show you the rest.
Half white and repressed.

How can a man this ignorant even get on television? Whis is it that someone who is part black and half something else always identifies themelf (themselves) by the most adventagious race or greater “minority”? Just like Obama. This D-Bag is a tool, and should be laughed off the air. Moron. Dr. Cain is probably saddened by lick of vision this idiot portrays in almost-blacks.

[…] It’s a shame Dr. Ben Carson even needs to respond to the likes of Touré […]