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Is it a wonder our kids can’t add and subtract?

Is it a wonder our kids can’t add and subtract?

In part it’s because of an educational culture focused on punishing rambunctious young boys who chew breakfast pastries into the shape of a gun … and incorporating theories such as “white privilege” into school curriculum.

We’ve addressed the “white privilege” industry before, including at the university level, but what’s going on in Wisconsin is a textbook case study in how far off our educational priorities have become.

From EAG (h/t @MichelleMalkin):

On the surface “CREATE Wisconsin” seems noble enough in its intent.

The program, established in 2009 by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, was supposedly developed to help school teachers and administrators better understand the challenges facing minority students – particularly black kids – in the state’s K-12 schools.

It argues that minority students sometimes struggle because public education is geared toward white students, and lessons are often delivered in a manner that minority students can’t understand.

It argues that too many minority students are placed in special education because school officials fail to understand their strengths, challenges and cultural norms.

In short, the achievement gap that exists between white and minority students has less to do with ability than culture, and the lack of a level playing field in schools.

But there are questions about CREATE Wisconsin that deserve answers – particularly its emphasis on “white privilege” and its determination to create a distinct set of expectations for minority students.

But remember, we can’t cut the growth of the education budget or we will harm the children.


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See, this is just fascinating to me…

The moonbattery went berserk over a “white supremacist” at a CPAC function over the weekend. (Where’s that “honest discussion of race” Eric Holder said he wanted?)

But Barrackah and MoooOOOchelle can sit in a black supremacist church, taking it all in, for twenty years.

And an entire Collectivist education industry can buy into the notion of race separateness, even to the level of different (I guess) brains in different skin.

Who is the racist in America, really?

Check out this short video..
The K-12 implosion;

& this one…

Public Schools, gun control & communism

Professor-My records show I linked to this very important story back in November but these 10 Cs A Model Of Diversity Awareness and Social Change are the drivers of all this white privilege stories. It is why Obama enacted the Positive School Mandate by xo in July 2012.

Wisconsin is ground zero because it is where the Diversity Center funded by NSF for K-12 is located.

I will have more to say later. Sick child today.

I never thought of knowledge or wisdom as having a color/race preference on paper or inside your noggin.

You have to read and study enough to know what is good and true and what isn’t. For the education system to parse words or learning into plus or minus black and white enables racism.

    Even Climate Change is now racist …

    At this point, there’s no chance we’re going to deal with global warming one household at a time — scientists, policy wonks and economists have concluded it will also require structural change. We may need, for example, things such as a serious tax on carbon; that will require mustering political will to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

    And that’s precisely where white America has fallen short. Election after election, native-born and long-standing citizens pull the lever for climate deniers, for people who want to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency, for the politicians who take huge quantities of cash from the Koch brothers and other oil barons. By contrast, a 2012 report by the Sierra Club and the National Council of La Raza found that Latinos were eager for environmental progress.

    .. when aggregated with immigration policy.

“It argues that minority students sometimes struggle because public education is geared toward white students, and lessons are often delivered in a manner that minority students can’t understand.”

How is this true in places like India, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan where Math and Science are also taught in not-so-perfect English yet their students consistently score higher in these subjects than even students from private US schools?

What ‘white privilege’ exist in Asia where public spending on education is a fraction of what it is here and yet they’ve become the world’s major producers of scientists, engineers and doctors?

Because we made such a mess of a country. It would be so much better to have a country like, oh say, Uganda or Somalia! /sarc

Henry Hawkins | March 18, 2013 at 11:43 am

Progressivism resegregates, the (un)natural result of identity politics. The question is whether it is on purpose, and if so, to what end?

Mister Natural | March 18, 2013 at 11:46 am

amazing how creative these folks are when excusing their failures and inability to compete.
there’s one thing that doesn’t change however many times the excuse is tweaked: it’s always the white man’s fault

In the debate on Public Schools, whether it is Parental Malpractice for parents to send their children to public schools or not, I come down on the same of Parental Malpractice.

Just because parents believe their children are entitled to Public Education does not mean Public Education has value; Intellectually-Inbred teachers educated at Intellectually-Inbred Universities are not capable of teaching independent thought. The Closing of The American Mind is sealed shut.

The function of Public Education is to train children to become Wards of The Government State; thinking otherwise is Parental Malpractice.

There are lots of “minority” kids in American public schools, but most of the ones in special ed are blacks because the breakdown of the black family has produced thousands of children raised by other children who are ill suited to rear a child because, amongst other reasons, they themselves were badly raised. So, when junior’s junior goes to school and begins to act up, and when momma comes down to the school to fight the teacher cuz junior (hungry, filthy, and with vastly more sexual knowledge than a kid should have) is being bad and disruptive, the school dumps him in Special Ed. Momma also wants him in SE cuz that way both the schools and the momma’s can apply for government money for the SE kid.

The same child, raised in a disciplined home, is not going to wind up in SE.

From Powerline and Instapundit:

DEMOGRAPHICS: Stuyvesant class of ’17, by the numbers.“Stuyvesant [where entrance is determined solely by Specialized High School Admission Test scores] offered admission to 9 black students; 24 Latino students; 177 white students; and 620 students who identify as Asian.”

So Asians comprise 75%.

Now, what is it about Asians that the white man not only can’t keep down … but is helping them beat the heck out of the white man in this supposedly rigged white-privilege game?

When we speak of minorities in America, why is it Asians are often not mentioned or not considered minorities when their percentage of the population is far smaller than blacks and hispanics?

Instead of looking to whites for blame, why not look to Asians for answers?

This is even nuttier than Pat Buchanan decrying that Jews making up a disproportional percentage of Ivy League whites means white gentiles are underrepresented.

Cry me a river.

The unfairness of it all! That Dr. Ben Carson and his elitist single mother and all their white privilege.

LukeHandCool (who has been known to say, when his wife is irritating him, “60 million Japanese girls in this world and I end up marrying the one who was a bad student from a family with no money. Where did I go wrong?”)

    jdkchem in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 18, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Because Asians are really just white people with beadier eyes.

    I used to have on VHS an early Batman serial made in the early 40’s. It was an incredibly racist bit of war time propaganda.

    The numbers probably reflect parental involvement in early childhood ed. Some parents watch over their children milestones like hawks, others don’t. Later on schools id them as “special needs”. It might be too late for intervention. Who knows what’s going on there.

    … why not look to Asians for answers?

    Exactly. The smart persona would learn from what is functional, rather than languish in what is dysfunctional.

To put it politely, Bullshit! I heard this same crap in grad school where incoming students were forced into a semester’s worth of sensitivity seminars. One seminar in particular sticks in my head like the Bay City Rollers. The topic was the GRE. The minority students were whining how culturally unfair the GRE was. When I pointed out that we had students from Turkey and China for whom English was a second language that also had to get a “passing” score on the GRE all hell broke loose. Never under any circumstances do you challenge the narrative.

    LukeHandCool in reply to jdkchem. | March 18, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    That’s just it. When we moved back to America, our oldest daughter started kindergarten and couldn’t speak English.

    She, like our other children, grew up with a mother speaking broken, ungrammatical English (which has been a hindrance to overcome to the kids’ academic success, but which, on the other hand, provides the kids with constant entertainment).

    I call Bullshit, too.

    Many minority children grow up in dysfunctional subcultures which almost actively work to squash any chances of success in life.

    East Asians, like my working-class wife, come here and see endless opportunity for their children. And they accept no excuses for anything short of academic excellence.

      The “Tiger Mom” is not PC. She is neither politically correct nor suffers from progressive corruption. Not yet, anyway.

        LukeHandCool in reply to n.n. | March 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm

        She drives me nuts a lot of the time, but one thing I love about my wife is that she is as anti-PC as you can be. She thinks we’ve lost our minds.

        The morning after Obama’s election day victory in 2008, she came back home after taking our two little ones to their elementary school.

        She was laughing and I asked her what had happened.

        She said one of the mothers at the school had come up to her with tears streaming down her face, hugged my wife, and told my wife, “Now there is hope in America!”

        She was laughing so hard at this rube as she recounted this and asked me,

        “How did American people become so creepy?”

        My son takes after her and just parodies the leftist pieties of his middle school almost non-stop. He can really get me laughing at the dinner table.

Two words: “home school”

There is too much money in the public school system.

If they were Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Russian [-American] minorities, then cultural disparity would not be an issue. Perhaps there is another reason for progressive dysfunction, and, in some locations (e.g. New York city, Atlanta) a convergence (i.e. clusterfuck).

The Drill SGT | March 18, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I agree with the article completely in one regard:

“In short, the achievement gap that exists between white and minority students has less to do with ability than culture…”

Just as it does when talking about the achievement gap that exists between American Asians and whitey students has less to do with ability than culture…

If some Hmong kid, one generation removed from the stone age, can get a 4.0 and get into CALTECH, some black kid from Pomona can also 🙂

The problem with public education is multiplied when you throw money at the problem.

Simply put, an ideal (to me) public education policy would to have the same exact curriculum nation wide such as existed decades ago.

People have to realize not every little Billy or Agnes can grow up to be nuclear scientists, doctors, lawyers and the like. Hence during the education process different kids will filter down to different categories of skill sets.

Reality is the issue along with process while money is a minor contributor…

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It depends on what the definition of “harm” is.