As much as I would like to brag that we are so important we were targeted by top-tier hackers, which would prove that we matter to someone, no such luck.

This was a self-inflicted wound. In the process of starting the process of making it less likely that our server would go bonkers, something went bonkers.

As of this writing the problem is mostly fixed, but expect some slowness and possibly more down time.

To the many readers who emailed me, thanks. I did happen to notice just after it happened, but had I not been at the computer, who knows how long it would have taken me to find out.

The email to notify me in the future is on the contact page, but of course, if the blog is down there is no contact page. So remember, it’s really simple. It’s the word “contact” followed by “@” followed by “”

Here are some of the nice emails I received:

You are probably already aware, but I just wanted to let you know the legalinsurrection website appears to be unavailable. At least it is unavailable right now for me.

Am a loyal reader. As a Cornell grad, I am very proud that you are teaching there. Hopefully the site will be up when you or your colleagues get a chance to fix it.

You are probably aware but a few of us have exchanged information that we can’t access the LI website. Don’t need to respond.

There will be no more posting until we are sure the problem is fixed.

Updates: Judge just put a hold on King Bloomberg’s 16 ounce soda limit, so this is a great day in America:

Update 3-12-2013 3 p.m. – hard to believe, but an unintended second restore took place, so all comments today on this post have been lost.