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Hispolitica launches

Hispolitica launches

Hispolitica has been launched by Javier Manjarres, who runs the great Shark Tank blog in Florida, as announced today:

I’m proud to announce the re-launch of Hispolitica.  Hispolitica brings a balanced journalistic approach to the issues and concerns of Hispanics in light of their increasing influence in the American political process. Hispolitica will provide  equal time and space to political personalities across the spectrum whose viewpoints are of interest to Hispanics across the country….

The diversity of the Hispanic community goes well beyond the stereotypical depiction in the media, specifically by Spanish-language TV networks that cater to a subset of the Hispanic demographic while passing themselves off as representatives of ‘all’ Hispanics. These networks have refused to criticize race-baiting special-interest groups whose agenda is divisive and does not serve the best interests of Hispanics at large.

Earlier generations of Hispanic immigrants were very socially and fiscally conservative in their beliefs, regardless of their political affiliation. Hispanics have always been a people of faith, and have articulated a strong belief in God. Their strong family values are directly correlated to their unwavering dedication to their religious faith.

Hispolitica seeks to provide an alternative viewpoint to those expressed in the mainstream and Hispanic media. We’re looking forward to having this conversation, and thank you for joining us.

This is good. The conservative blogosphere needs to get out of the narratives set for us by the media and Democrats.


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“The conservative blogosphere needs to get out of the narratives set for us by the media and Democrats.”:


I agree only insofar as most people are still in the “Low Information” category. If people would only educate themselves on matters of current events, then we wouldn’t need to follow any narrative at all, just the facts.

Or as John McClane would say in Die Hard 2, “Just the FAX, ma’am.”