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Hey @DonnaBrazile — look at this

Hey @DonnaBrazile — look at this

Donna Brazile sent the Tweet of the Day earlier this week when she expressed amazement that her health insurance premiums were rising, “You broke the health care system, you own it” Tweet of the Day:

Well take a look at this, Donna, IRS moves to collect billions in fees from healthcare law (h/t @tokm)(emphasis added)

The Internal Revenue Service on Friday unveiled its proposal to raise tens of billions of dollars through annual fees on health insurers, prompting fierce criticism from industry groups who warn the costs will be passed along to consumers.

The proposed rule from President Obama’s healthcare law will be published for public consideration in Monday’s Federal Register.

The rule would assess annual fees on most insurers that would total $8 billion next year and rise thereafter, eclipsing $14 billion in 2018, according to the IRS. The fees would vary in size, depending on a firm’s net premiums, and would come due by Sept. 30 every year.

Insurers that don’t pay on time would face penalties of $10,000, plus $1,000 for every day they miss deadline.

The IRS acknowledged concerns from outside groups who suggest “that covered  entities may attempt to recover a large portion of the fee from policyholders.” The agency will accept comments for 90 days, beginning Monday.

America’s  Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the leading trade group for the insurance  industry, blasted the fees as a tax that would exceed $100 billion in the next  decade and hit average families still struggling to rebound from the economic  recession.

“This is a new $100 billion tax on health insurance,” AHIP  spokesman Robert Zirkelbach said in an interview Friday. “Taxing health  insurance is only going to make it more expensive.

As predicted on August 14, 2009, IRS The New Health Care Enforcer.


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I believe it was ‘her’ guy that said, “elections have consequences…” Forward!

@DonnaBrazile – Yet another clueless Libtard.

radiofreeca | March 1, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Now that our health-care is “affordable”, at least we can still go to Canada and Mexico to get some we can afford.

The IRS acknowledged concerns from outside groups who suggest “that covered entities may attempt to recover a large portion of the fee from policyholders.”


LOL. Gee, ‘ya think, Sherlock? I was assuming that all the insurance companies would just dig into their own pockets for those billions of dollars in new taxes. Because that’s how companies operate in the real world, right? They never pass on their costs of doing business to consumers.

It is scary to think about the unbelieveable ignorance of the people who are running our government.

IQ Range Classification
70-80 Borderline deficiency
50-69 Moron
20-49 Imbecile
Below 20 Idiot
Below 0 Donna Brazile

Only a true bureaucrat would refer to “my health care provider” instead of “my doctor” or “my insurance company”.

THAT’S easy to fix.

Just mandate that the Insurance companies can’t pass those taxes on to the customer.


Next problem.

/s (did i really have to tag it?)

Henry Hawkins | March 1, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Luckily for her, if Donna Brazile got a brain-eating virus it would die of starvation.

I am paying for my own health insurance now. Over 400 dollars a month for my wife and I, AND we are 26 and 24 years old. I cannot imagine what older people or people with families are paying for their individual plans without employer help. And yet, I hear federal and state employees COMPLAINING day in and day out about having to contribute AT ALL to their plans.

I was talking with a health insurance broker yesterday and she has been told to expect a 30-60% rise AT LEAST in costs for insurance within the year. And now my boss is now telling me that she will not be helping out with the costs of the insurance because Obamacare will be here soon and we won’t have to pay for insurance! She is a complete loon all cocooned up in Seattle with her multiple homes and millionaire husband, the perfect example of the 1% that she always maligns. She believes and has told patients before that she is part of the middle class (yet has enough money to go out of the country three to five times a year for extended vacationing).

I don’t know what I am going to do. I am ready to start abusing the system and take the penalty and just buy insurance when I get sick, since there are no pre-existing conditions anymore.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to heimdall. | March 1, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    As a small biz owner, I have an individual health policy (as opposed to cheaper group policies). For a standard 80/20 $1,000 deductible for a 57 male in good health, my premium rose from $480/mo in 2009 to over $800/mo last summer, at which time I bailed and went to a catastrophic policy where it’s 80/20 after I pay a $5,000 deductible. The premium for this is $432/mo. Worst thing in my med records over last thirty years? Kidney stones. In fact, it’s the only thing.

    The Obama admin would claim they reduced my health ins from $480/mo in 2009 to $432/mo in 2013, and leave out the details of all the benefits and coverage lost.

    It bears mentioning to GOP-ers, conservatives, libertarians, etc., that we’d probably do well to remind one another that killing Obamacare is not the goal – the goal is reforming health insurance – without government involvement if possible. It still desperately needs to change. Killing Obamacare is just the best first step towards that goal.

      heimdall in reply to Henry Hawkins. | March 1, 2013 at 7:17 pm

      There are so many things wrong with our current medical system I do not think there is a way to address it easily. It sure as hell is not going to come from Obamacare.

      1. Putting fees up where people can see them and maybe having payment up front like every other service in the United States would be a start. That would lower the incentive for every single dumbass going to the ER for a cold. Paying up front would reduce a lot of the problems hospitals and individual doctors/dentists have of their patients simply not paying. If you do not have an ability to pay you get a loan or care credit by the facility, just like with cars and homes and any other product/service. Otherwise everybody else pays the costs of these individuals and by extension, their health insurance goes up.

      2. We also need to give tax incentives to individuals purchasing their own insurance plans. I know that when I am paying for my own health insurance/dental insurance now, I am VERY frugal about where I spend my money.

      3. Also being able to buy insurance across the country would lower the premiums people pay quite a bit so we are not strangled by excessive state regulation (looking at you California).

      The medical field needs to be more consumer oriented, and I say this as a medical professional. There needs to be a reassertion of market principles back into the system since our government has thrown it so out of whack. Obamacare is not the answer, but the Republicans need to come up with ideas and not simply be against it (although it did work pretty well for the dems in 2006-2012).

    momnotmom in reply to heimdall. | March 2, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    I’m 52, my wife is 53; we have two kids. i have individual family coverage- in the past 3 years, it has increased from just over $1000/month to $1379/month- and this for the privilege of essentially paying the first 5-10K of annual expenses out of my own pocket before the insurance really kicks in. On top of that, I pay with upfront dollars, rather than pre-tax dollars like I paid when I last had group coverage 4+years ago (~$800/month, with nothing but small co-pays). Mere words are insufficent to express my anger at the situation, which clearly promises to get worse and worse. I’m not sure if I’m more angry at the politicans who sold us this pack of lies, or my fellow voters who have apparently bought it and don’t seem to be al that upset. Maybe they are getting a better deal, I don’t know. When I got into a debate about this before the last election with some acquaintances, there was no sympathy at all for me having to pay more and more- everyone was thrilled with the free contraception (I’m fixed, and like I said, both my wife and I are over 50, so why do we have to pay for contraceptives- I was told I should just suck it up), and no pre-conditions.

    I wish I knew what the best way forward was- but I’m pretty much out of ideas at this point. If you’re reading this, thanks for letting me vent.

legalizehazing | March 1, 2013 at 5:56 pm

OOO NOOO. That’s what happens when you play a dirty game. Cheaters get cheated.

Interesting how when government is involved.. it is ALways the citizens that get screwed

I have no health insurance now, nor will I get it, and when the IRS attempts to fine me, I will submit to the court that they have no right to “TAX” me for a product that I do not own. I AM STANDING UP TO THIS CRAP. I will not meekly go to the slaughterhouse on this issue.

It’s time for Civil Disobedience on Obamacare.

The purpose of the first phase of Obamacare is to make the insurance companies the demons and drive them out of business. Then, what choice does the statist government have but to become the single source for healthcare coverage?

stevewhitemd | March 1, 2013 at 9:12 pm

Boy howdy, it’s too bad the health insurers didn’t read the bill first, huh.

They were cahoots with Champ from day one on planning Obamacare, and this is how they got treated? How’s it under the bus, boys?

If it wasn’t for the fact that lots of innocent people will get hurt, I’d have to snicker at the insurers.

BannedbytheGuardian | March 1, 2013 at 9:50 pm

Congratulations. You have the world’s most complicated system by far & it has not even started yet.

That’s wonderful, but remain deeply skeptical of AHIP’s sudden innocence and motives. AHIP was the second biggest lobbying spender in the insurance industry in 2009, ’10, ’11, and ’12, with expenditures of $8.9, $9.3, $9.8, and $9.3 million in those years, respectively; spending exceeded only by the Blues who, all by them selves, spent $15.1, $12.9, $13.1, and $13.5 million in the same years. They were not looking out for you (us): they were looking out for themselves, as they are doing now by playing on your (our) sympathy.

These people have been willing participants in the ACA scheme for years and now they’re running for cover. Their sole purpose was and is always self preservation, to stay in the game. Yesterday, I posted under the Brazille tweet a (too) long piece about a boondoggle the NJ Blues were foisting upon its NJ policy holders – the Blue to You van. This travelling circus is expensive, useless, and a prime example of the “healthcare” cost these people lobby for to cover themselves.

Don’t be fooled, they are not your (our) friends. They do not represent us, they represent themselves. They’ll permit themselves to be portrayed as the honest broker negotiating in policy holders’ behalf. Don’t buy it. Go after your congressman, your senator; go after the department of health and Human Services. Go after the MSM – really.

Today it’s cost, tomorrow you won’t be able to see a doctor. It is just starting.

    Paul in reply to Owego. | March 1, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    I’ll second that, they try to PR spin it as a tax on them, but you know they aren’t gonna get hit with it, since they just pass the cost onto the consumer.

    Additionally, I despise the concept of Insurance for things that are not voluntary. As for Insurance in general, just ask yourself this: Who buys Insurance at the Blackjack table? Only the high roller, and only if he has a LOT to lose. Anyone else is a sucker.

Working as designed. The entire point of the healthcare law was to make private insurance so unprofitable, so burdensome for insurers and insured, that companies will simply stop offering insurance and let the government take over.

I don’t know why this is surprising to anyone at all. This was known before the law was passed. They knew they couldn’t get a single payer system directly, so they created a system to ensure private insurance eventually became impossible, leading to a single payer system.

Working entirely as designed.

There is a good answer. She just doesn’t want to admit it. It’s called “Obamacare”.

DONNA: HoneyBuns,’Yo, Listen Up, Girl…You CANNOT possibbly make this s*** up. Oh…You can??

Got it.

Okay, then. At least it must be a comfort that Joe Biden is even dumber than you. Hey, babycakes, there’s whatcha’call an uopside to durn near everything,’Yo.

Sheeesh..! My Puerto Rican hi-test coffee prevented me from a.)spelling and b.)hitting Spell Check before “submit”.

Where wuz I…oh, back to tellin’ those Dems they’re Dummies.(-:

Henry Hawkins | March 2, 2013 at 11:22 am

If Brazile knew it was Obamacare raising her premiums, she wouldn’t mention it at all because it reflects badly on her king. I do believe she honestly hasn’t a clue.

Seriously? What did this woman expect? That because she’s “friends” with a crocodile she would never get bit? Like many in her situation find out. The croc will bite his “friends” once he runs out of “other” people to bite.