Wild stuff going on:

  • Law Professor gone wild!  I can’t blame him for thinking these protesters were loons, but he went too far when he initiated physical contact (not 100% clear from videos) — as slight as it was, it gave them the publicity they want.  From the Oregon student newspaper (more here) :

Several videos displaying an argument between Olmsted and students protesters started to make the rounds on social media late Thursday evening. The videos show different angles of a heated altercation between him and a student he pushed out of the way.

According to the YouTube descriptions, the videos take place near the EMU amphitheater at a mock border check-in organized by Students Against Imperialism  — a group in support of equitable treatment along the United States-Mexican border, which recently combined with the group, Students for Palestinian Liberation.

It is unclear how the dispute started and ended, as both videos capture only the middle of the quarrel.

(language warning)

Update — in response to a comment from eosredux:


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