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Friday Night gone wild

Friday Night gone wild

Wild stuff going on:

  • Law Professor gone wild!  I can’t blame him for thinking these protesters were loons, but he went too far when he initiated physical contact (not 100% clear from videos) — as slight as it was, it gave them the publicity they want.  From the Oregon student newspaper (more here) :

Several videos displaying an argument between Olmsted and students protesters started to make the rounds on social media late Thursday evening. The videos show different angles of a heated altercation between him and a student he pushed out of the way.

According to the YouTube descriptions, the videos take place near the EMU amphitheater at a mock border check-in organized by Students Against Imperialism  — a group in support of equitable treatment along the United States-Mexican border, which recently combined with the group, Students for Palestinian Liberation.

It is unclear how the dispute started and ended, as both videos capture only the middle of the quarrel.

(language warning)

Update — in response to a comment from eosredux:


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To add to the laundry list of Friday Night Gone Wild, Richard Lawson of The Atlantic Wire wrote a scathing article of Rob Portman’s evolution on gay marriage. The article made my head spin from pure anger. Obama can “evolve” and the libs swoon. A conservative does and he’s called every name in the book for doing so.
Read article at your own risk. It has been known to cause people to throw things at their computer screen!

casualobserver | March 15, 2013 at 7:59 pm

I must have just passed through a time-continuum black hole, or something. Did I just hear Olmstead, an academic, say “dominant paradigm” in referring to his whiteness and “get a gun and start a war”, all in the same breath? What? That just strikes me as ideologically incompatible. Maybe I missed some part of progressive-speak where the latter is acceptable thought, much less allowed speech….

Henry Hawkins | March 15, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Somebody please convince me this professor and those students are not representative of the norm. Post-modern, gestural-only, echo-chambered, PC, idealistic-cum-blinded, weenie-hearted poseurs all around.

“Oh! You’re being aggressive! I’m feeling threatened! I’m being threatened!” (This kid wouldn’t recognize a genuine threat, only the kind suitable for propagandic video, a threat she moves closer too all the while).

This is little different than a Monty Python skit:

“Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Halp! Halp! I’m being repressed!”

Ooooooo, perfesser is such a bad widdle boy. Lemme seem here, he pushes me, I fall and I believe I do have the right of my protection (but it is Oregano) sooo I decks his ass and one knee drop to solar plexus as he tries to get up and leave.

“I have 160,000 Twitter followers having never said one word,” he says.

Uhh, Brain babycakes you don’t say anything on twits, you TYPE!

However, if you are talking to yourself more frequently that is “norm”, (NO, not the guy from Cheers!) wherever you may be, I’m sure you can find very qualified psychologists and/or psychiatrists

OOPPs, meant BrIan, but ‘brain’ ain’t bad..

Self parody alert. The maniacs and morons are at each other. Could this be more ridiculous? My dominant paradigm beats your oppressed class!

Naughty Naughty, eddie. Done been canned, eh? LOLOLOLOL..I mean, awww shit.

But eddie, go back to Manitoba, Saskatchewan..Oh wow, look eddie, your own little island.. Prince Edward Island..BUT them thar folks up thar is very smart and they will have Nunavut, Yukon bet on that!

Yeah yeah eddie is born VA. lived in uhh, Dakota, north I think, (Hey, Lizzie Cherokee, do we have a Dakota? Uhh, there are 56 or 57 thingies, correct?)

Students for Palestinian a Bogus group of Bedouins and Nomads Liberation. So what if Arabs don’t like us. That little guy in Jordan..Pffflllttt.

Diana Salazar. Hmm familiar name. OH YEAH, Ken and Joe from Colorado. Uhh someone had better check the mental faculties of EVERYONE with the surname of Salazar..from, Colorado. Kinda’ doesn’t seem like the synapses is workin’ correctly.

hello…tap tap..uhh, is this thing on? hellooooooooooo…

Henry Hawkins | March 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm

What that video reveals is the comic/sad result of complete immersion in identity politics. The professor is not an individual – he’s a White Man, charged with and accepting of all the guilt for the centuries-ago crimes of other White Men. In this video, the professor is not a man, not an individual, he is his race and nothing more, polluted with the guilt of racial ancestors – and he is the first to accept it.

Likewise, the professor informs the Indian kid that Mayans, Incans, and Toltecs enslaved, tortured, and sacrificed people, therefore the Indian kid is no more morally superior than is the professor. The Indian kid is not a man either, not an individual, he is his race and nothing more, also polluted with the guilt of racial ancestors – and he just accepts it was well.

None of them live in their own skins. None of them live in their own times. None of them think their own thoughts. None of them hold original feelings. They are little more than bumper sticker slogans and tee shirt politics, playing touch football in the fog, all the while glorifying themselves as great warriors for justice.

BannedbytheGuardian | March 15, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Dead Sea Scrolls. It is a shame that today hardly anyone is claiming to be an Essene. it was all the rage once.

It attracted the Karl Jung of the Desert type who contributed great articles for Readers Digest.

I miss them.

So how much would Blagojevich have had to steal to make his 14-year-sentence worth it? Using the Jackson standard of $13,157.89 a month, the answer is $2,210,525.52. So, if Jackson had actually raised $5 million, Blago should have kept just under half.

They are wild and it is Friday.

Juba Doobai! | March 16, 2013 at 1:56 am

Man, I hate when they do that. So because Portman has a gay son, or whatever, marriage must be overset? Is Portman God? I don’t think so.

I’m sorry for whoever has a homosexual child, but that’s no reason to restructure marriage. Man didn’t invent it and man should not touch it, except to get married to a woman, of course.

What’s up with USA Today? The only place I ever see a reference to brian williams is in the dictionary when I need to look up the spelling of schmuck.