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Dead End Street

Dead End Street

Dear Professor,

Greetings from Seaside CA and its “Obama Way”.

First civic homage I’ve seen to the potus and regrettably I didn’t have any rolaids handy. Aurgh.


“Cheerful in Marin”

Sign - Obama Way - Seaside CA

Sign - Obama Way - Seaside CA - close up


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“obama way”. What bullshate! if you insist Marin, make it a one-way.

Although it seems Barry has stumbled as of late, his compliant propagandist’s, along with idiots such as those in Marin, that decided to honor Barry Jong Un, will right their favorite son.

relax its going to be funny in the coming years …. think about it ….for those of you with a MLK boulevard think about what it has come to mean over the years …think obama way will be any different

“Obama Way” is now officially the location for the homeless, who have been made homeless by Obama’s complete and utter failure to inspire small businesses to begin hiring. Within a week it will consist of urine soaked blankets, drug addicts and dead bodies.
Maybe OWS will use this location for its next protest.
At some point when it is too expensive to clean up and police, the city council will buy the occupants one way tickets to DC or NY and return “Obama Way” to Broadway Avenue.

Obama Way – a synonym for another street name which, as irony would have it, is the title of a ‘Top 40’ hit by the punk band (and big obama supporters) Green Day!

casualobserver | March 9, 2013 at 9:19 am

It appears to me from the picture’s perspective there is a boarded-up empty building that begins Obama Way. Seems appropriate. It makes me wonder if at the other end there isn’t a shiny new multi-use complex with subsidized affordable housing units, a health clinic focused primarily on handing out birth control materials, and an unusually high number of electric vehicle charging stations. Unused….

Video – Fox News Special: Benghazi Attack – 6 Months Later………..

    Six Months? Unfortunately these Americans lost their lives because of 4 years of deceit with this administration. How many MORE Americans will lose their lives, with the additional 4 years?

    Shape up Fox News 🙂

Would someone who loves Obama tell me why there is a cult like following of him? I’m not being sarcastic or belittling, just inquisitive to understand this phenomenon.

    BoPMonkey in reply to bb_959. | March 9, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Well… I’m no obama lover, but have you ever seen the movie – ‘Omen III: The Final Conflict’? Yeah, I know it’s far-fetched, but I really don’t get the fawning for the guy, and at least I get to laugh a little when I think about it…!

    I don’t meet your qualifications but IMO (and I managed a state office in Seaside for several years so MO should count for something) a majority of the elected city leaders in Seaside share an ethnic pride in our president that blinds them to the realities of his character, administrative skill and statesmanship. Since their’s is not the first city in the world to do this, it’s not a big deal. Now if he were to be impeached I’d think it ironic, but that’s another story.

nordic_prince | March 9, 2013 at 10:18 am

Fitting that Broadway, the way that leads to destruction, is also known as Obama Way ~

stevewhitemd | March 9, 2013 at 11:31 am

That sign is high enough on that poll that I’m not going to reach it with a spray can. I’m sure I can think of something…

SoCA Conservative Mom | March 9, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Hmm, I wonder how much they paid for the signs… is there only the one or on every sign post along the street? When my city decided to change the name of a street (less than 3 miles long) it cost over $100K to change the signage. I guess their city doesn’t have any debt or unfunded liabilities to worry about. /sarc

Why not have fun with it? Make a proposal to name EVERY street in town “Obama Way”? Because you are truly lost if you’re going Obama’s way…

Or maybe do it just in the poor part of town – that’s Obama’s Way as well.

Obama Way is one street over from Chicago Way and is paved with good intentions.

You just take the exit off of My Way Highway.