Dana Loesch, conservative star on the rise and host of The Dana Show, interviewed Republican Paul McKinley (IL-02) at CPAC, concluding at the end of the powerful interview, “go and support this man, he just took us to church.”

Loesch and McKinley spoke about the need for 2nd Amendment protections in violence-ridden urban areas such as Chicago, with McKinley pointing out that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s children are afforded armed guards for their trips to and from school. Protections not available to the thousands of schoolchildren that are not politically connected. McKinley also called on President Obama to return to Chicago, referencing his publicity trip surrounding the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton. “Come on back to Chicago, the problem’s not solved,” said McKinley to Obama.

Finally, McKinley spoke about his motivation for running:

In my community, as well as this whole district, I’ve learned that most of the problems that we have in our community is the illegal and bogus organization called the Machine. And most people don’t even understand I’m using this platform to expose the Machine, to drive a wedge between the public and the Machine. Because most people in the state of Illinois, the Machine has the whole state on lockdown….

All [of them] are Democrats. So you can’t blame the Tea Party for the problems in the state of Illinois. You can’t blame the Republicans for the problems in Illinois. You must put the fault at the pinnacle of responsibility, directly pointing at the Democrats. It is their fault. And the same thing they’re doing in the state of  Illinois–now they’re going national.