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Branco Cartoon – Manufacturing Crisis

Branco Cartoon – Manufacturing Crisis

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Doug Wright | March 4, 2013 at 8:02 am

Outstanding analysis of the MSM and its creation, Obama! In Obama’s hand, the MSM really is a weapon of mass distraction and destruction.

Says it all. I’m still smiling. Love that “Forward” chute at the end of the contraption. Great work!

Very funny. Well done.

I like your detail of the machinery.

Yeah, the Republicans will always get bonked by the fallout from the Obama MSM Soylent Green machine. Hopefully, though, the input of the administration’s threats to Bob Woodward and Lanny Davis will gum up the Obamaworks.

Looks like a great depiction of the Fib-O-Matic 2013!

And, the GOP is too stupid to realize it never mind doin’ something about it…

I wrote in 2009 that Obama does not do crisis management. He does management by crisis. And a redux in 2010 with additional thoughts.

The creation of crises is the natural, wholly predictable result of governing from a “fierce urgency of now” mentality. And we have not seen the last of it.

You’re damn OK Branco, I don’t care what the Perfesser says about you ! 🙂

You have dinged the reality of what is occurring. What is needed by we the people, is to toss Barry, down the mix-em-up chute.

He’s already a p..uhh brick, though.

Branco, nice art in the panel. I love the elephant’s expression! Nicely done!