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Branco Cartoon – Amazing DisgRace

Branco Cartoon – Amazing DisgRace

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Amaz Disgrace 590 LI


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The likes of the people running CBS could not care less. In fact, this was calculated.

The corruption of our media is in fact, complete.

They’ve been to Viet Nam before. What was really disturbing was watching the Communism Uber Alles song. That was just creepy.

Hell, that was where Dan Rather, (the most incompetent reporter in my memory), got his start in the “majors.”

I have long had contempt for CBS and their mainstream brethren and this just cements this feeling.

When I came back, the best course was to keep your mouth shut less you be labeled something unsavory. How things have changed…

Spot on Target! Branco, The finger in the eye is such good metaphor. CBS, as even Bob Beckel (omg, I’m in agreement with Bob BECKEL!?!?!?!) said, are now the “Communist Bastard Sympathizers- C.B.S.”)