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Beckel Agonistes

Beckel Agonistes

I caught part of this rant live, and wasn’t sure what it was about.

Beckel going off again. But this time he’s right.

Video via Common Cents:

But compare to his defensiveness over Hanoi Jane:


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I don’t care what that idiot Beckel has to say. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He and all the other liberals that Fox hires as “consultants” are what drove me to cancel the satellite package that included Fox and buy a cheaper one. If I wanted to see and hear mean-spirited idiots like Beckel, Estrich, Juan Williams, Whorealdo et. al. I’d watch MSNBC.

    Valerie in reply to snopercod. | March 23, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    And there, in five lines, is a very complete summation of why the Republican party is in the minority in this country, and has a reputation for being mean-spirited. Every time somebody from the other camp (or even their own) does something they agree with, there will be a bunch of them on hand, ready to slam the person they agree with, instead of saying something rational like “Thanks.”

Like they could NOT find a cultural thing in all of Viet Nam to feature…!?!?

Shows to go how out of touch the cultural elite in America really is.

Bob Beckel is a certified Horse’s Ass. His recent act of sanity hardly excuses his voluminous acts of ninconpoopery.
He is a liberal slob and no sudden temporary appearance of sanity will ever change that.

Who the heck comes up with these ideas? They do not have an iota of common sense. I’m sure they get paid very well too. Let’s see, we have CBS or Communist Bastard Sympathizers and CNN or Communist News Network.

The Main Stream Media is totally corrupt and is actively working to crap on America, it’s values, traditions, and people.

Henry Hawkins | March 23, 2013 at 4:41 pm

I have a suspicion Beckel is personally more of a moderate liberal as compared to the hard lefties currently running the Democrat Party, so far left they frequently make it impossible for Beckel to effectively defend their actions. This might also explain why he’s permanently encamped (anything over two years is ‘permanent’ in cable TV) on FOX, as opposed to MSNBC, CNN, etc. – he’s too moderate for those outlets. He clearly feigns Liberal Outrage™ twenty times for every time he appears sincerely outraged, and even those times might simply be a good acting job. Since he is obviously there only to get mad and play the lib role when cued, he’s sold his soul for FOX $$$ as a token lib.

    GrumpyOne in reply to Henry Hawkins. | March 23, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    I have a feeling that you’re onto something here. No rational person could stand the continual abuse he receives on Fox and the same goes for Juan Williams. Face it, they’re paid to be argumentative.

    Regarding his comments about CBS, I have long disdained that organization from the days of Cronkite on. Rather in addition was just plain incompetent and the crowd these days is no improvement.

    Finally, just a couple of words about undeclared wars that began with Harry Truman to present day Afghanistan, these actions have profited the defense industry and politicians while sacrificing some of the best and brightest youngsters for very little in the way of positive payoffs.

    Not very flattering for our leadership…

Communism has its advantages and disadvantages. Its principal failing is that it is a corporatist philosophy, where capital and control are consolidated in minority hands (i.e. monopoly). It is by design intended to limit the quantity and capability of competing interests and favors selective (i.e. special) interests. For this reason, it is predisposed to suffer from corruption.

Also, as competing interests are less capable of holding the minority interests accountable for their actions, the communist regime is rarely overturned without a violent revolution. In fact, this is a progressive characteristic of imperialism, communism, socialism, fascism, and dictatorships, that monopolies and monopolistic behavior are enforced through authority, typically acquired through coercion or deception.

It’s also notable that left-wing regimes compete with each other in the same manner as they compete with their own population. Their philosophy dictates the positive value of establishing monopolies. The consequences of which are exacerbated when the regime pursues an imperial tract and attempts to spread its influence and control through the sword.

I was surprised that CBS would glorify Vietnam’s communist regime. CBS does not represent a majority interest in America, which would normally limit overt exposure of their preferences. For some reason, they believe that it is now possible to normalize their opposition to American governance and culture.

Perhaps they are right. Perhaps the American character has been sufficiently corrupted. In the last two elections, around 51% voted for redistributive change, for denigration of individual dignity, and for a general devaluation of human life. Around 51% elected to exchange their liberty for submission with benefits. There was already an incremental trend, but nothing so overt or conclusive, even in a minority coup.